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Readers Letters: VOICE OF SCOTLAND; Don't be so formal about humble kilt.

I WAS amused by the rather sniffily pompous article by Martin Murray, accompanying a picture of Rik Mayall in a kilt.

There is no mystique about the kilt. It is an article of clothing, comfortable, hard- wearing and usually colourful. It can be worn with whatever footwear or upper garments the wearer chooses.

The velvet jacket, lace jabot, hairy sporran, and so on should only be worn, if at all, for occasions such as weddings and investitures.

No one would suggest that a man who normally wears trousers should don a tuxedo to nip down to the shops, would they? - A. Donnelly, Glasgow.

Foolish policy

IT was foolish to house hundreds of asylum seekers from other continents and cultures in deprived areas of Glasgow. This was bound to cause problems.

The stupidity was compounded by the fact that some of the refugees are clearly not genuine ones. - J. Carter, Hamilton.

READER P. O'Hare thinks asylum seekers, many of whom are professional people, have given up their countries to get flats in Glasgow, vouchers and abuse from their new neighbours. Get real. - A. F. Reilly, Glasgow.


HAVING lived in Scotland for more than three years, I find your paper becoming more and more anti-American.

Vietnam may have been a show of force, as columnist Tom Brown says, but we didn't win it. I have many relatives who served in that conflict who didn't want to be there.

Back home in Chicago, I can honestly never recall any local or national paper slagging off the Brits or the Scots. The ironic fact is that, historically, Britain has had its finger in everyone's pie. - Byron Bell, Edinburgh.

Cycle logical

I AGREE wholeheartedly with your reader regarding a cycling road safety test. But the police will have to start by telling their own motorcyclists that one-way streets are just that. - E. Davidson, Baillieston, Glasgow.

Selfish drivers

I WAS disgusted with the attitude of some drivers when my daughter's car broke down at traffic lights at Glasgow's Parkhead.

She had a young baby with her and would have appreciated a bit of patience, not pressure. I hope the drivers in question hang their heads in shame. - Mrs R. Gordon, Stonehouse, Lanarkshire.

Leave off Geri

I AM sick and tired of the constant bad- mouthing of Geri Halliwell. People are only jealous of her fab new figure and phenomenal chart success. - Robert Sinclair, Cowdenbeath.

A fishy decline

WE are told that the visitor numbers to the Scottish Fisheries Museum have dropped to 11,700 - a massive decline since the early 80s.

Is this drop in visitors part of a national trend, or perhaps the entry price is just too high? - Roy McIntosh, Anstruther, Fife.

Nats' fantasy land

IF John Swinney thinks in another four years, with Sean Connery's support, the SNP will rule Scotland, he is living in cuckoo land. They lost a seat in the election, after all. - J. Morrison, Dundee.


CAN any descendants of my grandmother, Agnes Swan, of Dennistoun, Glasgow, get in touch? Agnes married George Graham and moved to Stirling. Her brothers and sister were Margaret (who married David Robertson), John (Elizabeth Blue), Janet (William Trotter), Andrew (Alice Campbell), Isabelle (William Heggie), Elizabeth and William. Their parents were John Swan and Mary Ann Carson. - Sarah Mitchell, 4 Craigomus Crescent, Menstrie, Clackmannanshire FK11 7DN. Tel: 01259- 761098.

CAN anyone tell me how I can sell a Freddie Mercury autographed photograph? - Patsy. Tel: 01236-601889.

I'M trying to contact Anne Leevin (or relatives) who lived at Nithsdale Road, Pollokshields, Glasgow, and attended Holyrood Secondary School in 1948. - Vanda Paterson, c/o Paterson Safety Anchors Ltd, 18 Muriel Street, Barrhead, Renfrewshire. Tel: 0141-881-9261.

I AM compiling a book on graffiti and would welcome some funny examples. - C. Mackinnon, 30 Lynn Court, Oban PA34 4HY

I WOULD like to get in touch with Paul and Rose, who come from the Newharthill/Carfin area. We met on holiday in October last year and were staying at the SA Gavina Apt in Le Estartit. - John Boag. Tel: 01389-381601
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Title Annotation:Voice of Scotland
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 12, 2001
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