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Readers' Poems.

WE ARE FILLED WITH ADMIRATION AND APPRECIATION We are lucky, to be able to live In relative safety and security. Although, it can''t be denied, That, at present, we face problems, Which affect many families severely. They have to be solved, Put to rest, set safely aside. In our multicultural society, Live a variety of people, Who have a different faith, And s ways of life.

Our inherent stability, Is assisted, in a great proportion By our gracious, popular Queen. She has been a steadying influence During her reign.

Her people adore and admire her, For her unfailing devotion To her countries, and the Tireless services, she has given, At all times.

We all are well aware, that, For future years, we must prepare, We have to take greater care. In honour, of her long-standing services, The Queen has initiated, A Diamond Jubilee Trust Fund, Whose proceeds will be dedicated To worthy causes, for the peoples'' Well-being and welfare The Queen and Prince Philip, her consort, Have served her entire nations Faithfully, for 60 years.

In the interests of our country, The Queen and Prince Philip Have travelled to many destinations, To spread goodwill. Therefore, we''re enormously grateful, For all they''ve done. Indeed, we are filled, With appreciation and admiration!


REPEAT TV Pay for your licence then pay your fee, Pay for the output from the BBC. Once upon a time its programming was great, From clean comic shows to honest open debate.

Now we have channels one, two, three and four, Diluting the content, did we need any more? Originality seems to be a priceless bead, In the field of repeats has become a dying seed.

Switch over to channels of multiattraction, Guess what, more repeats to send you to distraction.

The activated remote pressed for a change of scene, Repeats the programme you have already seen.

Too many channels showing the same old thing, A circular process to which the providers cling.

The new, the creative a show full of innovation, Some unique event on a very rare occasion.

Films once remarkable and so avant garde, We now know the lines and in person now could have starred.

Yes they continue to put out time and again, Repeats and dross to increase the fee-payers' pain.

Within the system there are those who are overpaid, Sat on their backsides in the mega pound trade.

We pay for their thoughts at an outrageous rate, Like the bankers' bonus they think its great. Who sets the rates for these wondrous stars, An alien race beyond the fee-payers' bars.

R CHARLTON, Washington.

TRAFFIC Where is everyone going In their cars so shiny bright Up and down the road they go From morning till night.

To factories and offices For shopping in the town Endless amounts of people Going up and down.

Ambulances and police cars All go past this way People going on holiday To catch a flight today. The road is never quiet Where do the cars all go Someone is always busy There's always a steady flow.

ANDREA GRIST, Newcastle.

RESPECT Respect for the mother, the father, the child The brother The sister The aunt The uncle The grandparents The doctor The nurse The toilet cleaner The sweeper The artisans The poet The carpenter The man of words and learning Everybody KEVIN BROWN MY ANGEL OF BEAUTY NO MORE Under a silver starlit sky I walk alone through the town With a tear in my eye For my angel from heaven above My sweet Linda Anne Louise Has for some unknown reason Said goodbye to me So as I walk the empty streets Beneath those shining stars Both my aching heart and myself Wonder where you now are For your love was so warm and tender Your love was so soft but strong And it was your angel love Louise That helped me carry on Through both the ups and downs In my now very happy and also lucky life DONALD JOHN TYE, Wallsend.

A PUZZLEMENT Have you ever seen The King And 1? It is a major weepy of a show, It features a main love story, while An extra one is also on the go. It was on in Newcastle last week, Tickets were like gold dust in the west wind, Getting a last-ditch one needed cheek, You had to be unusually thickskinned.

In the show, the old King of Siam Desires to bring his kingdom up to date, He struggles with values old and new, And gets caught up in an inner debate.

Similarly, when I had to fight For a ticket, it was so unlike me, I am used to cowering from the light, My Dad instilled in me humility. In the show, the King must choose between Science and ancient faith that will not leap, In the end, with no light to be seen, He dies in turmoil, while we weep and weep.

Similarly, once or twice lately, I''ve spoken out of turn and won the prize, Should I make this part of the new me, Or stay a good little boy in your eyes? ANDREW TAIT, Jesmond.

THE POLYTHENE TREE Have you see the polythene tree? There's one that's growing near to me I pass it every single day As I travel along the motorway Its decorated with polythene bags Blowing around like national flags A very unseemly untidy mess Look there's a one from M and S And just below an old crows nest A magazine has come to rest Way up on a branch on high Was a balloon descended from the sky On a thorn there was there sticken An empty carton of Kentucky Fried Chicken And what is that? Oh dearie me A gas bottle sheltering under the tree Many firms were represented there Look there's a one from Mothercase And as you take a passing view You will see a one from B&Q Lodged there was a rusty can Thrown out from a passing van Cars and lorries too, must share the blame For some of them have done the same, Looking up the tree I did spy A baldy tyre hanging high How it got there is anyone's guess But doesn't it look an unsightly mess In the vandalistic ratings the tree got gold The hedge got silver I've been told The fields had bags, threes, twos and ones, But had to settle for the bronze The moral of the poem is don't sin Throw your rubbish in the bin And if your dog should need a poop Don't forget your doggy scoop RAY SPOORS, Winlaton.


MUCH ADMIRED The Queen arrives at Newcastle Quayside for a Tall Ships visit in 1986, see poem on left
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Date:Feb 9, 2012
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