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Readers' Poems.

A TV TALENT SHOW Britain's Got Talent, Offers hopeful contestants An opportunity, to show, A panel of judges and an audience, Their talents, indeed, anything they are able to do.

Many talented performances are shown, Which make compulsive viewing on TV. Viewers glued to the screen, Waiting for turns to appear. Will they be magic, exciting, a dream, Or ridiculous, a hoot, or a scream? Throughout performances, we often observe, A build-up of deep emotions, Displayed on the stage. We see hope, shattering disappointment, The crushing of dreams. We also hear encouraging comments, And see joyful surprises. Performers push themselves to the limit, To bring another angle or facet to the show.

They know, and have a burning desire, To inspire, the judges in their favour. For they are fighting for a life's ambition.

Therefore, they labour to avoid Negative comments and objections.

It is difficult, to come to terms with rejections! The Talent Show proceeds in stages, Till we see, contestants, In their last performance, When they reach the result show. Usually, the general public chooses, The winning performer, who will receive, a substantial sum of money, And will perform, in front of the Queen in a variety show.

This year, a gifted singer from Scotland, Sang a beautiful song. He sang it with deep feeling, Straight from his heart.

A worthy winner, from the start!


ITS WHAT I DO It's what I do Release the rain and sunshine, Change the fruit into cake Fill the shops to overflow. I release the harvest Into our lives, We are on overflow And full of love. I once was lost But now I'm on solid ground Watching the Silver and gold overflow. Like turning the page, Like switching off the box, Living in silence, Listening to the father's voice Beside the overflow And full of joy.

Love has been released And been appointed By the spirit, the Universe Is massive in the overflow. The new baby has arrived And people are passing over, And the bills are low as the Overflow brings our visions And dreams.

KENNETH MOOD THE LONGEST DAY I am a lot older now, My dark hair has turned into grey, My mind may occasionally wander But I remember "the longest day". We were ready and all prepared And the order to go was awaited. There was some delay to the following day, Until the seas of the channel abated. We waited, waited and waited, Played cards and had a quick nap. The invasion of Europe was pending, And we wondered just who would come back. The channel seas were still rough, when the order came to move out, And many a landlubber traveller Found out what sailing was about. The naval bombardment was awesome, As men waded into the sea. The first wave of the bravest of soldiers Saw hell from eternity. The gates to Berlin had been opened, And many would die on the way, Such was the cost of freedom And the need for "the longest day".

As the years pass away, few will recall The true meaning of that special day, To those who were there, they'll remember with pride They were there on "the longest day".

O DOUGLAS, Ex Sgt, Royal Marines.

'PART EX' Wor car is in need of an MOT. It's getting owld you see, Its engine is gannin wonky, A suppose it's probably a bit like me, It's bodywork is in terrible shape, with a few dents And rusty bits. I sympathise, because my mirror tells me that in comparison, mine's the pits.

So many miles on the clock, Birthday time coming around again, Both of us need attention, an overhaul, some correction, We'd score one oot of ten, So away aa went for a check up, and a consultation at the doc's, The banger to the garage for MOT, cos we're just a couple of crocks, The verdict came back as you would expect, The car, needing only a tyre retread, Me? The doc took one look, had to sit doon, Afore packing me off to bed.

Her indoors, had a decision to make On the two she loves to mollycoddle, She's decided to hang on to the car and put me in, In part exchange for the latest model.

GEORGE CARRICK, Cramlington.

LIFE Remember the ups, remember the downs Remember the seeds you have planted Amidst all your hopes, amidst all your fears Never take things for granted CHARLES STEWART, Seaton Delaval.

WOODBINES AND THE CARDS When I was a small boy my mother would say There's something I need from the shop today Just run up the street now, there's a good lad And bring ten Woodbines home for your dad.

She'd give me the fourpence - I'd take to my feet Up to the Stores at the top of the street A boy of just seven, I'd enter the shop Go up to the counter and peer o'er the top.

The lady assistant scarce looked at me twice She served me the Woodbines and told me the price But if this transaction should happen today The anti smoking lobby'd have plenty to say.

I'd pick up the tabs and run home post haste Excited, there wasn't a moment to waste.

Soon my father'd be home from his work at the yard He'd open the Woodbines and give me the card.

For a cigarette card came with each Woodbine pack A bright coloured picture with text on the back.

These cards covered most subjects under the sun And boys would collect them - collecting was fun.

There were popular footballers, cricketing stars, Steam locomotives, aeroplanes, cars, Famous jockeys and champion racehorses, Military uniforms of the Empire's armed forces.

Common wild flowers of our own countryside, Great modern warships of navies world wide.

Dogs of all breeds, both large ones and small, From pugs to Pomeranians, I learned of them all.

Then you'd buy a small album and stick them in place Each card allotted its own special space.

These albums are prized now - if you've one hid away You'd make a small fortune if you sold it today.

J BURN, Gateshead.


SPECIAL Britain's Got Talent winner Jai McDowall
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jun 9, 2011
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