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Readers' Poems.

SEVERIANO BALLESTEROS The world to the roots has been shaken, For death has achieved success, And another life was taken. The grim reaper has made us aware, Of our short comings and limitations, When faced in a confrontation, Caught in a life and death situation.

Severiano Ballesteros, described as an Inspiration, role-model, hero, friend, A well-deserved tribute, At any mans' end.

The Sporting Personality of the Year 2009, But defeated by a brain tumour, And consequently died, In Pedrena, his home town in Spain, aged 54.

Seve was loved for many reasons. His character, exceptional, His ability and skill at his Golfing game, led him to fame. A true Spaniard, he was full of life, And exuberance, His bearing, elegant, charming, It reminded us, of a daring flamenco dance.

Sadly, he has lost his life, A terrible, devastating loss for us. As a human being, he was the best. May he rest in peace!

We will think of him with love. Our memory of Seve will be, His moments of great happiness!


THE WORLD WILL NEVER BE THE SAME THE world will never be The same again I have Crossed over Into a new land and History has changed My attitude Are you the same Do things not seem The same How can they be And each month Takes us into Somewhere else Some are gone And people have left home To go on a journey Across the world And high streets are looking The same but the culture Is different Back and forwards from Episode to episode Our characters wait and Wonder beside a pool and River to deliver love and Hate and propaganda BY KENNETH MOOD COLD-COLD NAME She parked, walked the narrow lane to The cold place, She'd forgotten flowers-she'd always Brought them, Picking her way over the headstones she Touched his, so new in old company, She rubbed the surface, so meaningless, The emptiness of lost time, the churchyard Unforgiving, Never to see or touch him again; She knelt, holding the silence, recalling so much, 'Do you remember?' She whispered softly to him.

Placing a blade of grass on his name, 'I love you, miss you, was that war worth it?' She looked into the blue sky and through the leaves Of a lone tree - A bird; The bird chirped to her, "He misses you, doesn't Understand why he's apart from you."

The bird took off over the rooftops. She smiled, blew it a kiss, ran her fingers along The cold-cold name, brushed tears and returned Back down the narrow lane.

GEORGE CARRICK, Cramlington.

VET THEM Vet them, vet them true, you greedy lot, do voluntary work, it's up to you Give the work to those in need, not to the ones full of greed.

Bank managers wives etc, with full-time jobs just to fill in time, say these snobs. Greed and avarice will end this world; so the scriptures say.

This is a country divided with the poor and the rich in every way. These greedy women should be well vetted re jobs for pin money.

Being out of work after years of study, isn't very funny.

Millionaires won't live long enough to spend it the meek shall inherit the Earth. To those greedy doubles on TV step down and do your bit for all it's worth.

Get these young people some work, surely some work could be found. Again I say idle hands are the devil's playground RUTH K FLETT, North Shields DAY BY DAY Day by day We go about our lot Moaning if the weather's cold And even when it's hot We go about our daily jobs Even though they can be a bore What else can life give There's got to be more Then I think of my family And I'm proud to say They've brought joy to our lives In their own special way Three grandchildren we have now So proud we are They all give us such joy They're the best by far.

ANDREA GRIST, Newcastle SPRING CLEAN ORANGE is said to have no rhyme, Hiding yourself in a secret is burying time, Velvet danger of death's great void, Arranging flowers for the paranoid, Just a minute as all time quakes, Return the stolen and confess mistakes, As for threats you scare the weak, Sleeping on a deathbed bleak, Attention to the little things, Through the minds of transcendent kings, This is all the world can give, Vast opportunities while you live, Ask yourself to stop the pain, Has selfish individualism a better brain, Until the sun sets on hope, Make good use of wisdom soap!


ANOTHER WEDDING I loved Kate and William's wedding It really was second to none.

It made me remember another - Cousin Flo's back in '71.

When the date was announced there was bother Me dad said he wouldn't be goin' 'Cos there was an important cup game And Newcastle were playing at home.

Because Flo was seven months pregnant There wasn't much time for delay. 'Cos, really, an early delivery Would have ruined her white wedding day.

The reception was held at the boozer, Aunt Lily and mam did the spread, Of dry sausage rolls and same sarnies Which were well past their best people said.

Me dad and his brother loved football, But like different teams, that's the rub There quickly developed an argument Over which was the best football club There then was an almighty punch up, Uncle Joe came off better by far He got hold of dad by his braces And threw him right over the bar.

Then it was time for the speeches, By then we had all had a few The best man recalled a few stories Of Flo's husband, and turned the air blue.

So here's to the Royal couple, And in spite of the funny old "do" - Flo and Ted's stuck together for 40 years Let's hope Will and Kate will do too.

RENEE ROGERS, Newcastle.


BLISS Prince William and his new wife Kate Middleton share a kiss BADLY MISSED Golfer ace Seve Ballesteros
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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 12, 2011
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