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Cruz charisma

I have met the charismatic Wilson Cruz on several occasions ["Cruz Control," September 28]. He is truly a sweetheart, and I am a huge fan. It's good to have learned that things are going well for him; keep up the good work! Looking forward to seeing Cruz on Party of Five.

Jack Mercado, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Curtain call

How could you overlook the upcoming production of Tennessee Williams's Camino Real at the Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, D.C., from May 30 to July 23 ["Tennessee Waltzes On," September 28]? The first family has attended performances by the company. This production will be directed by Michael Kahn, considered one of the nation's foremost interpreters of Williams's plays.

The Rev. Paul K. Thomas Baltimore, Md.

All man

Thank you for your blurb on Hilary Swank as Brandon Teena ["Is Hilary Swank Oscar Bait?" September 28].The Advocate continually attempts to be trans-friendly, which is greatly appreciated by your trans subscribers. However, Brandon Teena did not "try" to live as a man. He did live as a man. For the indiscretion of being himself, he, not she, was murdered.

Matthew Kailey, Denver, Colo.

Social studies

Regarding the letters you published regarding Brendan Lemon's August 31 Last Word column [Reader Forum, September 28], I have a last word. I feel Lemon captured a glimpse of a certain social segment of American gays very realistically. Perhaps my living in a wealthy New York City suburb exposes me more to his described genre. I didn't feel he was making judgmental comments, either positive or negative, about gay society but simply taking a rather witty, candid look at his friends--and at himself to some degree. In his observations he posed some questions for the reader to ponder, hopefully bettering his or her understanding of our complex society.

Christopher Saxe, Westport, Conn.
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Date:Oct 26, 1999
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