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Reader regains confidence.

Dear Bowhunter,

I just wanted to tell Dwight Schuh how much I enjoyed his Wild Side column, "Confidence," in the March/April 2004 issue. I, too, hurt my shoulder about two years ago, and I've since lost confidence in my bowhunting ability and in other areas of my personal life. Failure in one area spills over into other areas of life. I'm getting a grip on it and am rebuilding my confidence. Like you, I'm not there yet. But with articles such as yours, the support of my wife, and the help of God ... I'll get there. I'm sure you will, too. Your article was very pertinent. I appreciate and respect your writings.

Jack DeHaven, Martinsburg, WV

We're always pleased to learn that our publication encourages others. The good news about lost confidence is that it does not have to be a permanent condition. Confidence can be rebuilt. All the best for a confidence-filled life!

Dwight Schuh, Editor
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Title Annotation:Between bowhunters: letters from Bowhunter readers
Author:DeHaven, Jack; Schuh, Dwight
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Aug 1, 2004
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