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Reader mail.

Dear Valued Reader,

Starting with the next issue, at no extra cost, we propose to send to you your Medical Update health newsletter bound into The Saturday Evening Post. You'll receive one combined issue for each copy of Medical Update remaining on your subscription. If you are already a Post subscriber, we will extend your magazine subscription with a copy for every issue of Medical Update you have remaining.

This new piggyback arrangement allows us to print the newsletter in four colors and provide you with expanded coverage of cutting-edge medical research, nutrition and exercise news, as well as tips to help you and your family stay healthy and fit. In addition, you will receive entertaining book reviews, contests, humor articles and "Illustrators Hall of Fame," plus "Medical Mailbox" by Cory SerVaas, M.D., a popular feature we hope you will enjoy.

"Medical Mailbox" has been winning the attention of readers and healthcare givers for more than 35 years. Readers' questions are answered by foremost authorities in the country on a wide variety of health subjects. Patrick Perry and Wendy Braun, R.N., are award-winning medical writers who will continue to help readers gain admission to clinical trials with leading researchers.

If all else fails and you are not happy with this postage-saving arrangement we have made, then you may, of course, ask for a refund at any time. If you do not wish to receive The Saturday Evening Post (which includes Medical Update) please send a note with your name and address to Cory SerVaas, M.D., 1100 Waterway Blvd., Indianapolis, IN 46202 to receive a refund of all unmailed issues.

We hope our medical reports in Medical Update have helped you and that you will keep us apprized of your interests in future research projects we might undertake at the Saturday Evening Post Society.
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Publication:Medical Update
Date:May 1, 2005
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