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Reader comments from (The Advocate Poll).

* "Why would you even join the military if you didn't want to fight for your country?"

* "A military volunteer can, and should be able to, claim conscientious objector status, provided he does so when first enlisting, requesting a military occupational specialty, which is a non-combat-related field."

* "No, It's like a priest saying he didn't know celibacy applied to boys too."

* "We do not accept the excuse 'I was just following orders' from other nations, believing instead that each soldier should think for himself. If a soldier truly believes a war is wrong, he should object."

* "There's a difference between a true CO and a benefits opportunist."

* "There are valid reasons and less-than-valid reasons for claiming CO status. I just wish the first 'official' CO weren't gay."



In the May 13 issue, readers were asked:

Do you think a military volunteer can legitimately claim conscientious objector status?
No 54%
Undecided 5%
Yes 41%
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Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Date:Jun 10, 2003
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