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Reader bulletin for summer seeds.

Well, our seed swap is off and flying. Please keep sending them in--if we didn't fit you in this time, we'll try to get you in next time. Meanwhile, if you see seeds below that spark your interest, don't forget to send the owner a self-addressed, stamped envelope for delivery along with your request.

C. G. Leece

4703 Differding Point

Eveleth, MN 55734

Has: Angelica archangelica, orange papaver orientale, catnip, blue Veronica spicata, Queen Anne's Lace

Wants: Geum triflorum (prairie smoke), Orthocarpus purpurascens (owl's clover), Chasmanthium latifolium, Penstemon alpinus, wild leek (ramp)

Robin Endres

Route 1, Box 21

Myndman, PA 15545

Has: super dwarf orange tree (oranges are the size of a dime and smaller)

Wants: anything out of the ordinary

Sue Johnson

Box 753

Poteau, OK 74953

Has: black-eyed susan, cotton (white and brown), white yarrow, basil, mugwort, tansy, winter oats, mimosa, catalpa, wild black cherry, sweet dumpling squash, snap peas, vidi sweet pepper, victoria rhubarb

Wants: bay start, rosemary start, lavender (English), high bush blueberry, lizard's tail, hops

Lachita Calloway

404 Pocahontas Street

Norfolk, VA 23511

Has: pumpkin squash variety

Wants: popcorn, blue corn, true rhubarb

David L. Kunze

435 Broadway

Columbus, GA 31901

Has: echinacea (angustifolia and purpurea), passion flower (may pop), milk thistle, red clover, California poppy, mimosa, leucaena trees

Wants: medicinal herbs, wildflowers, ginseng, heirloom vegetables, anything rare

Susan Jeppesen

78481 Cedar Parks Road

Cottage Grove, OR 97424

Has: Linarie atropurpurea, dark blue forget-me-nots, Siberian iris, gopher purge, yellow-eyed grass, cilantro, globe artichoke

Wants: gourds, vines, cutting flowers

Mrs. Lee Roy Price

Route 2, Box 221d

Camp Hill, AL 36850

Has: moon & stars watermelon

Wants: camellia, gardenias

Mrs. Daynard

Friday Ridge Road

P.O. Box 1047

Willow Creek, CA 95573-1047

Has: luffa sponge, mixed gourds

Wants: naked seeds of pumpkin and squash (these are edible seeds without the hulls)

Duane A. Smith

8 South Broad Street

Carthage, NY 13619

Has: heirloom tomatoes (including martino paste, snow-white cherry, black lerim, white, and Anna Russian), Italian frying pepper, Japanese pepper, and some seeds of ground cherry

Wants: herbs (rare or common), heirloom vegetables (onions, leeks, tomatoes, pepper celeriac), everlasting flower varieties for drying

Faye Taylor

209 Riverwoods Cove

East Alton, IL 62024

Has: tomato, purple pepper, zinnias, marigolds, and true lavender

Wants: potato onions

Dale Fowler

P.O. Box 1090

Glen Street

Mary, FL 32040

Has: ornamental and hot peppers seed

Wants: seeds of all kinds

Lorraine Cassella

RFD Box 807

Addison, ME 04606

Has: shirley poppy, lubin, sweet peas

Wants: Russian sage, pineapple sage, any variety of black flower, perennial poppies

Margaret McCaskey

RR 4, Box 293

Wautoma, WI 54982

Has: wildflower (including purple cone flower)

Wants: herbs

Editor's Note: To appear in Seed Swap, send your name, address, and the seeds you need and want to: Mother Earth News Seed Swap, 24 E. 23 St., NY, NY 10010. Mother is not responsible for any unwanted correspondence or contact.
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Title Annotation:Mother Earth News plant, flower, and vegetable seed swapping service for its readers
Publication:Mother Earth News
Date:Jun 1, 1993
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