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Reader's poem.

Bee - mused

I was conscious of a buzzing sound; it sounded like a bee

In every room I looked around but no bee could I see

I peered closely at the window panes; moved curtains cautiously

The bee was trying to escape, so I would set it free

The buzzing seemed much louder then suddenly it stopped

The bee must have settled somewhere or outside had popped

I resumed my chores about the house; humming happily

Then all at once the bee joined in; but where on earth was he

By now I was quite frustrated; buzzing filled my head

I decided to go out for a walk for I was seeing red

As I closed the door behind me; realisation began to dawn

A few doors away a neighbour was working on his lawn

I giggled to myself quietly; I felt a complete fool

The busy bee that "stung" me; was a ( trimming tool

My lesson from this episode; don't guess; surmise or deem

Never conclude the obvious; things aren't always as they seem

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 22, 2004
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