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Reader's letter: Leisurely approach to Third World War.


Sir, - On the situation between Iraq and the West, I have a few observations I want to present: 'To be backed up, if necessary, with the use of force' is, in one sense, a dangerous and certainly not ideal thing to be saying.

The attention and focus that there seems to be on the Saddam Hussain regime is overshadowing other things like famine in Africa, and so on, and to some extent is stifling any momentum coming out of the World Summit on Sustainable Development which took place in Johannesburg.

If things were to hot up, even, regarding Iraq, other things would be even more overshadowed. The situation regarding Iraq deserves much attention, of course. But I am wary of what other important things can be overshadowed at the same time as attention is given to an international crisis like that involving Saddam.

I think it is as well that we consider/anticipate the dangers of other things in the world being neglected while one matter dominates.

In some of the radio phone-ins (Radio 5-live etc), I have heard discussion hosts talking about a possible Third World War, very leisurely. This is almost surreal. Do they realise what they are saying when they are speaking? A Third World War? Fine! I need not choke on my biscuit about that!

G J SELLMAN Stafford.
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Title Annotation:Comment
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
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Date:Oct 12, 2002
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