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Read your paystubs.

Paystubs are one of the best tools you have as any employee anywhere. What happens when something looks funny on it? Mistakes happen on a lot of paychecks, and if you don't catch them then there isn't much we can do.

A few things to start:

1. Read every paystub.

2. Paystubs across Montana seem to have become really complicated! If you have any questions reading it, feel free to call us at MNA or contact your HR department for help deciphering the many pieces.

3. Read every paystub.

Paystubs are full of information regarding your vacation/sick leaves, hours, rates, retirement & taxes which you should be looking at regularly. If you have a collective bargaining agreement, you can look at the terms in it regarding accruals, pay, dues deduction, etc. If not, policies and your personnel file should have all the information you'd need to cross-check your paystub with.

Mistakes happen on paystubs for all kinds of reasons--sometimes it's a personnel change in the payroll department, sometimes it's because nurses forget to clock in or out, and sometimes it's just simply due to an oversight. This is why it's so important to constantly be checking your paystubs to make sure raises are going through correctly, vacation is being accrued at the right rate, and that all the hours you worked are reflected in your pay. Again, if you don't catch it, we generally don't know about it!

Within the past few years, we have had facilities come forward with mistakes they've found during transition times to new timekeeping systems or new payroll services. The facility will (or at least should) notify you if something is happening on a system-wide level that's disturbing pay. Often, though, they catch the mistakes when an employee comes forward with what they found--what power you have!

If you read nothing else, read this: read every paystub. The sooner issues can be discovered, the easier they are to deal with. It goes both ways, too; if you're getting overpaid & you know it, you need to be bringing that to your employer's attention as well. It's important to be straightforward and timely with your pay concerns, especially if a grievance process is spelled out with time restrictions. Time makes all the difference in efficient & professional resolutions.

Oh, and P.S.: read every paystub.

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Author:Baughman, Caroline
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Date:Aug 1, 2016
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