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Read your history.

THIS refers to the letter 'Shocking reality' by A Marxist (GDN, January 29). Mr A Marxist completely misrepresented my letter and distorts the reality of Marxist communism.

My previous letter took issue with US President Barack Obama's stance on life issues not economics, though the two are sometimes intertwined. Marxist governments falsely present themselves as the authentic spokesman for the aspirations of the people, and claims to be able, by recourse to violent means, to bring about the radical changes which will put an end to oppression and misery of people.

Marxist communism, is characterised by the "class struggle" which implies that society is founded on violence. Within this perspective, any reference to ethical requirements calling for courageous and radical institutional and structural reforms makes no sense.

In this system, every affirmation of faith or of theology is subordinated to a political criterion, which in turn depends on the class struggle, the driving force of history.

In truth, atheism and the denial of the human person, his liberty and rights, are at the core of Marxist belief which requires a total subordination of the person to the collectivity.

Marxism ultimately subsumes the autonomous nature of all spheres of existence: religious, ethical, institutional and cultural. Participation in the class struggle is presented as a requirement of charity itself.

The desire to love everyone, despite his class, and to go out to meet him with the non-violent means of dialogue and persuasion, is denounced as counterproductive. President Obama thus promotes in law - as a means of achieving his ends - the unquestionable, systematic and state-sanctioned murdering of innocent children through abortion and embryonic stem cell research.

He further sanctions a culture of death by promoting contraceptives and homosexuality. I fail to see how this exonerates Obama from the inherent violence and belief of Marxist communism. I suggest Mr A Marxist go back and read his history and philosophy books.

Paul Kokoski

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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
Date:Feb 1, 2009
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