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Reactive hot melt adhesives.

National Starch and Chemical's Bondmaster Products, Bridgewater, NJ, has introduced "Pur-Fect Lok" polyurethane reactive hot melt (RHM) adhesives for improved textile laminations and assemblies for manufacturers of automotive, medical, window treatment, apparel and sporting goods products. Providing durable yet flexible bonds between a wide range of substrates, Pur-Fect Lok offers the ease of use of conventional hot melt adhesives with the ultimate durability of cured polyurethane reactive adhesives.

With immediate green strength resulting in immediate handling bonds and in-line processing of assembled parts, the adhesive offers the manufacturer distinct advantages. Available in various viscosities, from thin to paste, for swirl or atomized spraying, slot coating, extrusion or roll coating, the adhesives also offer cured heat resistance up to 300 [degrees] F and water and solvent resistance for withstanding washing and dry cleaning.
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Title Annotation:National Starch and Chemical's Bondmaster Products introduces 'Pur-Fect Lok' polyurethane adhesive for textile laminations
Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Article Type:Product Announcement
Date:May 1, 1993
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