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Reactive Mixer Offers Lots of Free Volume.

An unusual twin-shaft reactive-extrusion machine can be configured as a batch or continuous process. It is quite different from a conventional twin-screw extruder. Developed eight years ago by Swiss machine builder List AG, which has U.S. offices in Acton, Mass., it has been used primarily by resin makers but also increasingly for reactive compounding. It takes in liquid materials. Because the rotor shafts and blades are hollow, it can heat or cool very efficiently, promoting reactions that convert very low-viscosity materials to very high-viscosity polymers while devolatizing them and mixing in additives. Of 400-plus installations worldwide and nearly 50 in the U.S., about half are used in reactive plastic compounding, List says. The kneader-reactors are custom built from a 1-gal lab model to over 3500-gal capacity.
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Title Annotation:twin-shaft reactive-extrusion machine
Comment:Reactive Mixer Offers Lots of Free Volume.(twin-shaft reactive-extrusion machine)
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Date:Aug 1, 2001
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