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Reactions to report favorable but with reservations: a selection a selection. (Romanow Report).

Tom Closson, President, University Health Network. "I'm disappointed the report did not directly tackle the issue of timely access to hospital care at a time when that is at the forefront of Canadians' minds."

Care Watch, Toronto: Heartened by the Romanow report's recommendation to include home care in the Canada Health Act, expressed disappointment that supportive care for the elderly and chronically ill was omitted for the priorities list.

Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Division. "Mr. Romanow has placed mental health firmly at the centre of the health care agenda."

Professional Association of Residents in B.C. The government of Canada, the provinces and territories should adopt and implement Romanow's recommendations in 2003.

Victorian Order of Nurses of Canada. Romanow's recommendations to "modernize and strengthen the Canada Health Act by integrating home care, will, if implemented, confirm the place of home care as a fundamental part of a modem health care system in Canada."

Ontario Society (Coalition) of Senior Citizens' Organizations. "Services most important to seniors--supportive home care and long term residential care--seem to have fallen off the Commission's radar screen."

Metis National Council. Romanow's recommendations for solutions to Aboriginal Health "provide nothing specific for the Metis people and completely ignores the Royal Commission of Aboriginal People."

Service Employees International Union. A number of the Romanow recommendations "do not go far enough in curtailing corporate and private profiteers from undermining Medicare, particularly in many home care services."

Association of Medical Colleges. The Commission "failed to recognize that there is an insufficient number of doctors trained in Canada" resulting in severe doctor shortages, "if governments do not act now."

Canadian Medical Association. "On balance the Commission's report should give Canadians considerable cause for optimism" and sets "a positive direction for a sustainable health care system for Canada."
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Publication:Community Action
Date:Dec 9, 2002
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