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"Google 'Jared Polis on the issues' and read about his record overall. I would characterize him as a nannystate Democrat with an occasional libertarian bent." commenter "Al Bondigas" in response to "The Gamer Congressman" (June)

"Academia is one of the few places in America where openly professed communism is an acceptable ideology. Of course they hate free speech." commenter"AuH2o" in response to "When the Left Turned Against Free Speech" (June)

"I would agree that video games tend to make you fat and stupid and lazy and prone to lusting for sex and violence--but so does just about everything else that people are inclined to do. Human beings are hard-wired to prefer being fat and stupid and lazy and lusting for sex and violence. The only reason we aren't all fat and stupid and lazy is because being fat and stupid and lazy leaves you vulnerable to being the object of someone else's lust for sex and violence." commenter "Jerryskids" in response to "A Short History of Game Panics" (June)

"Fallout 3, but no Fallout New Vegas? You'd think the prostitution quest would probably put New Vegas a little further ahead in terms of libertarianism." commenter "Jensen" in response to "Video Games Every Libertarian Should Play" (June)

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Date:Sep 11, 2014
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