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"Yeah, the world is pretty much getting better in every possible way over time. But that doesn't sell newspapers (what does anymore?) and it certainly doesn't make for prime television. Maybe it's a good thing, though. If most people think the world is getting worse, they might try harder to make it better." commenter "some guy" in response to "Seven Surprising Truths About the World" (August/September)

"I've long thought that when full-immersion [virtual reality] gets good enough and cheap enough we'd see it start out in arcades. With full haptic interfaces, which makes me also think they might start out in strip clubs. But that's another story." commenter "Pro Libertate" in response to "Choose Your Own Adventure" (August/September)

"Conservatives really don't care as much as some think about gays and drugs or other issues that work for divisible politicking. We just want the government to stop telling us and forcing us to think certain things are alright. Any conservative politician pushing an agenda is as bad as a lefty Marxist doing the same." commenter "BLEEDINELL" in response to "Freedom [not equal to] Polygamy and Heroin" (August/September)

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Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Dec 1, 2013
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