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Reaction to bands over the top, SAYSTORY MP.

CONSERVATIVE MP David Davies has criticised the reaction to news that asylum seekers in Cardiff had to wear wristbands to qualify for free food as "completely over the top".

Mr Davies, who is currently in Strasbourg as part of the UK delegation to the Council of Europe, said: "Frankly I think it is outrageous in Holocaust Memorial Week that the Welsh Refugee Council has compared the requirement that asylum seekers should wear wristbands to the plight of Jews in Nazi Germany. Such a ridiculous comparison diminishes the horrific magnitude of the Holocaust in which six million Jews and millions of others died.

"Last summer I was on holiday at Lake Balaton in Hungary with my family. The Retro Hotel expected us to wear wristbands when we ate our inclusive meals so people couldn't just walk in off the beach to claim a free meal."

Mr Davies said he found the comments of some of the asylum seekers who had complained about having to wear the wristbands "quite extraordinary".

He said: "One of them was moaning that they had to go for a 10-minute walk to get their food. What's the big deal? They should be grateful to the British taxpayers who are providing them with free meals.

"And I couldn't believe it when I read in one of the papers that an asylum seeker thought wearing the wristband was one of the worst things that had happened to him in his whole life.

"That doesn't sound as if he was suffering very much where he came from, and perhaps he'd be better off going back there."

The MP has taken a tough line on the migration crisis, saying he believes many asylum seekers are not genuinely fleeing persecution. Last September he was criticised after commenting they were "mostly young men with mobile phones, chancing their luck".

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jan 26, 2016
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