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Reaching potentials.

I just read your editorial and I love the concept of All Children Reaching Their Potential: I have been advocating some type of alternative consideration for our special education students since NCLB was passed. I am more than willing to have our district held accountable for making progress with each child each year at a rate to be determined by his or her IEP. We would be held accountable for moving that student forward--it would just happen at a rate that is more realistic for his or her ability level. We have discussed this concept in my district at length and all agree that it certainly makes better sense than AYP for NCLB.

Joanne Cecchi, Assistant Superintendent

New Kensington-Arnold School District

New Kensington, Penn.

You asked for readers' help, so here is my opinion. In your editor's letter, you say a new law would "recognize teachers and other professionals as just that, professionals. In turn, these teachers and administrators will point out what's wrong in education and help fix these problems."

I would add: "As an additional counter measure, the new law would recognize that students are the reason schools exist and make up more than 92 percent of the K-12 stakeholders. In turn, these students will paint out what's wrong in education and help fix these problems." Sometimes we forget the "reason for the season."

Dennis Harper

Founder and CEO, Generation YES
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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Harper, Dennis
Publication:District Administration
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Date:Jun 1, 2004
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