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Reaching our sisters in Sudan.

It is with deep gratitude I read your May 2006 issue of SISTER NAMIBIA! Congratulations on the excellent articles in this issue. Actually, it is the only issue we have seen and we are writing to our Maryknoll Sisters in Namibia to order a subscription for us. We found this copy in our convent in Nairobi.

I write to ask your permission to copy some excerpts from your May 2006 issue, relating to the issue of violence towards girls and women. So much of what I read in your magazine is happening here in Sudan. I am a Catholic Sister and have been in South Sudan for almost 20 years. We shall be having our annual Diocesan Meeting in February with the Diocesan laity, religious sisters, brothers and priests. I would be so grateful to share with them some excerpts from your magazine which you have so poignantly articulated. I would also wish to share this information with other Maryknoll Sisters in Africa and throughout the world who are working with young girls and women, encouraging empowerment among them.

Thank you very much for the sign of HOPE you are to so many of us who are trying to bring about equality among women, especially within the Churches. Wishing you and your staff deep peace as you continue to discover each day the 'universe of love' that enfolds you and all on your journey. In God's Gracious Peace,

Sr. Theresa Baldini, m.m. Maryknoll Sisters Contemplative Community, Narus, South Sudan

Dear Sister Theresa Baldini,

We are happy to learn that our magazine is reaching our sisters in Kenya and Sudan, and that you will share some of our articles with women in Africa and around the world. Your Namibian sisters have already come to get the subscription for you, and a parcel with back copies of Sister Namibia is on its way to your convent in Kenya.
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Title Annotation:LETTERS
Publication:Sister Namibia
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Date:Mar 1, 2007
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