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BSc Product Design Engineering--For Membership--2014--2018

BSc(Hons) Product Design Engineering--For membership and registration as Incorporated Engineer 2014--2018

Human centred design workshop

Design and innovation consultancy PDD, has teamed up with LUMA Institute, an HCD educational organisation in the US and is running two human-centred design workshops in London--the first in May and then a second in November.

The two-day workshops introduce participants to the discipline of human-centred design, covering a wide range of methods for designing solutions that are driven by and focused on the needs, desires, and contexts of people.

Through a mix of short lectures and hands-on activities, workshop, participants will learn how human-centred design (HCD) can reduce overall development costs, promote productive interdisciplinary collaboration, and make innovation a repeatable, organic part of their practice.

The normal cost of this workshop is [pounds sterling]1295 +VAT. IED members can book their place on this training programme for [pounds sterling]1000 + VAT. The normal cost of this workshop is [pounds sterling]1295 + VAT. IED members can book their place on this training programme for [pounds sterling]1000 + VAT. You need to use the code PDD_HCD14.

The London events will be held on 20-21 May and 11 November. For more details please email or call PDD +44 (0)20 8735 1111 or visit

New Student Members

HNC students at Newbury College recently became Student Members of the IED as part of their college course and were presented with certificates by Principal Dr Anne Murdoch OBE for their achievements.

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Date:May 1, 2014
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