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Ed. by James Elkins and David Morgan.



321 pages



The art seminar; v.7


In a volume based on seminars sponsored by the U. College Cork, Ireland; the Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughn, Ireland; and the School of the Art Institute, Chicago, Elkins (art history, theory, and criticism, School of the Art Institute of Chicago) and Morgan (religion, Duke U.) introduce the theme of enchantment, disenchantment, and re-enchantment regarding art's role in the spiritual progress or impoverishment of modern Western civilization. Contributors to 34 essays and conversations discuss the function of art decoupled from religion from historical, philosophical, psychoanalytic, and critical perspectives. An excerpt from Elkins' The Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art (2004) maintains that: "...there is something religious or spiritual in much of modern art," despite assertions to the contrary.

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Date:Feb 1, 2009
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