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Re September issue.

The September issue of C.I. arrived today. I hardly know where to begin in expressing my delight with it.

I will begin by saying "Congratulations" to Ian Hunter on his "homecoming." Like him, I returned to the "faith of my father's fathers" many years ago, and I agree with every word of his eloquent description of his pilgrimage. I am deeply touched and newly inspired by his story.

Second, a huge "thank you" to Fr. de Valk for his editorial on Israel-Hezbollah. What a relief to hear the words of Christopher Dawson and Pope Plus XII (not to mention Benedict XVI) in the midst of the mindless cacophony from all sides on the subject of today's on-going conflicts. The little journal (C.I.) is worth its weight in gold in keeping us focused on the "nitty-gritty" of contemporary issues.

On a less happy note, the "blindness" mentioned by Paula Adamick continues to plague us in all aspects of our on-going spiritual battle in Canada. I refer especially to a report on Bishop Henry of Calgary, in Western Catholic Reporter July 3, 2006. Bishop Henry is on the war-path with Catholic schools in his diocese because they include gambling (bingo and casinos) in their fundraising activities.

The bishop refused to celebrate a liturgy for the new school year and threatened to "black-list" the schools if they do not cease their casino activities. The most stunning part of the WCR report was the following quotation: "He [the bishop] says Church law gives him the power to remove the Catholic designation from schools that disobey Church Doctrine."

To its credit, the WCR printed a letter from Jeanne McCusker, pointing out that parents have been hoping for 35 years for precisely such action, not in regard to gambling, but in regard to the appalling curriculum in religious and sex education in Catholic schools. It might be added that many medical workers have been hoping the same thing with regard to Catholic hospitals that continue to perform vasectomies and tubal ligations.

Sarnia, ON
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Author:Collins, Lorene
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Date:Nov 1, 2006
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