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Re: 'Trapping is my Life" reviewed by Steve Mason (CI Nov. 2013).

When an animal is caught in a trap it has three choices: it can chew off its leg to escape, starve to death, or wait to be killed by the trapper.

Considering that God gave us dominion over His creatures, I was quite surprised that you would advocate for such brutal treatment of them.

If you need to kill something or someone please feel free to do so but must you really advocate for such a slow and miserable death?

Alexander Wolfe-Murray

British Columbia


We thank the writer for this letter, for it allows us to clear up a misunderstanding. In Canada, almost all fur-bearing animals are trapped humanely using Conibear traps that kill instantly. Rubber padded leg hold sets are only used with animals that do not struggle to escape, and these must be checked every twenty-four hours. Catholic Insight does not advocate the brutal treatment of animals, nor can we find where we might have stated something to this effect in any of our previous pages. We do recognize that the honourable professions of animal husbandry and farming for food production, wool production, wildlife management, animal harvesting, and woodlot management are noble pursuits consistent with human dignity.

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Author:Wolfe-Murray, Alexander
Publication:Catholic Insight
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Feb 1, 2014
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