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Rdk: budget discrimination--A gift for the holidays.

RDK led by Rufi Osmani considers that the budget discrimination against Albanians in 2014 is a gift for the November holidays from the duo Ahmeti-Gruevski.

"This budget too is continuation of the wrong budget policy which will help buy the loyalty of pensioners, social cases, administration and farmers and are in function of early parliamentary elections. In this way, Gruevski's Government definitely is preparing Greece's scenario for bankruptcy of our country," RDK said.

The party said that the draft-budget for next year in principle follows the same logic of planning as in previous years and this is known as Keynesian economics in macroeconomic policy. According to RDK, "in principle this approach is fine if the budget projections were based on real predictions in function of increasing the production, employments and capital investments." However, Osmani's party said that the MPs should not support it because the dynamic of increasing the budget is greater than the realistic GDP growth and it will be financed only by increasing the budget deficit which will be at its highest level in the past 22 years. A.H.
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Title Annotation:Zurnal
Publication:Albanian Press in Macedonia
Date:Nov 27, 2013
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