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Raynaud's help; In association with the NHS.

A SHORT item on a TV breakfast show last month has led to a huge increase in demand for the services of a small charity.

Last month, BBC Breakfast's resident GP Dr Rosemary Leonard presented an item about Raynaud's Syndrome and Scleroderma, and since then the Raynaud's and Scleroderma Association (RSA) has been inundated with more than 3,000 requests for help.

Dr Leonard said: "During the winter months, Raynaud's really can be a nightmare. It only needs a slight change in temperature to spark off a Raynaud's attack in which the extremities of the body, mainly the fingers and toes, are temporarily starved of blood."

Anne Mawdsley MBE, chief executive of the RSA, has personal experience of the condition. She said: "This whole process can be extremely painful and I can best describe it as having trapped my fingers in a car door."

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Feb 9, 2009
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