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Raymond makes AC traction standard on Reach-Fork Trucks.

Raymond Corp. has announced that it has made AC- powered traction standard on their complete line of 36-volt Reach-Fork[R]and Deep-Reach[R] fork lift trucks.

Raymond is the only North American manufacturer to offer AC power as a standard feature in this lift truck class.

AC systems improve energy efficiency, handling, productivity and cost savings for lift truck users in the food and grocery industries.

According to John Colborn, reach truck marketing director at The Raymond Corp., the move comes at the request of customers eager for AC standardization in their reach truck operations.

"Maintenance managers, fork lift operators and distribution center managers alike are enjoying the dramatic operational and financial benefits of this advance," he said. "Previously, the only drawback for customers was the extra cost associated with the AC option.

Now that we've removed the cost barrier, there's nothing preventing every reach truck user from enjoying the benefits of AC traction.

"Raymond introduced the AC traction option to its Reach-Fork and Deep-Reach Trucks last year, and it has been so well-received by customers that it became only natural to make this feature standard," Colborn said.

Benefits of AC

AC technology provides tangible benefits to people at all levels in the food and grocery industries.

* Maintenance Managers--AC extends battery life, so workers spend less time at the battery charger and fewer batteries are needed. Also, there is less reduction in truck performance as the battery discharges. Even in the harshest cold storage conditions, the battery provides optimum performance.

AC uses no motor brushes, springs, commutators, motor bearings or independent regen circuits, so there are fewer parts to replace and longer intervals between scheduled maintenance.

* Operators--AC traction provides increased acceleration and improved precision to store and retrieve loads, ensuring peak performance when needed. And AC motors produce less heat, so operators enjoy a cooler, more comfortable work compartment.

* Distribution Center Managers--AC-powered lift trucks are proven to be 9 to 11% more productive than lift trucks with DC powered traction because they have faster acceleration and spend less time ramping up speed. In addition, AC trucks require less maintenance and have a longer life expectancy, ensuring an improvement in the bottom line for years to come.

For additional information about The Raymond Corp., call 1-800-235-7200.

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