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Ray-Ran's testing equipment range set to grow.

Thirty three-year old UK-based testing technology supplier Ray-Ran has announced news that a new generation of kit will be launched later this year.

A new generation of Ray-Ran dedicated microprocessor systems will be released to complement the already successful 6MPCA and microprocessor driven falling drop dart impact tester for film. These new additions will include a new advanced static & dynamic friction tester and an advanced pendulum impact tester. These new updated machines will include a new graphical display, alpha-numeric keypad, storage of user information, including types & testing parameters, ethernet & RS232 connectivity and the advanced Techni-Test software for results presentation and manipulation as well as a playback facility of previous test results.

The company has also released updated information about five pieces of existing equipment. The first--the new Ray-Ran Advanced Auto Density Measurement System, which is based upon the proven 3 Column Density Gradient method--accurately measures the position of the sample and float by means of an encoder which is linked to the microprocessor that automatically calculates the density of the sample. Used in conjunction with an optional microprocessor filling system, which accurately builds the column, the instrument has become one of the most accurate machines available for density measurement.

For sample preparation, a CNC profile cutting machine is available in two models. The machine is ideal for producing test samples such as small tensile test pieces that are too hard or brittle to produce using conventional methods, for underground thick wall pipes--generally up to 60 mm thick--used in the water and gas industries. The resulting specimens are ideally suited for testing on a universal tensile tester, also available from Ray-Ran, in various combinations.

For low cost injection moulding, Ray-Ran offers the test sample injection moulding apparatus, ideal for the recycling industry. Using low cost tooling inserts and quick change cylinder liners, test samples such as Izod, Charpy and Tensile test pieces can be made quickly using minimum material, thereby reducing time and waste compared with conventional moulding methods.
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Title Annotation:testing & inspection
Comment:Ray-Ran's testing equipment range set to grow.(testing & inspection)
Publication:British Plastics & Rubber
Date:Feb 1, 2011
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