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Ray of sunshine.

Counting on ex-New Yorkers and a wealth of moderate Republicans, Rudy Giuliani bet all his electoral chips on Florida and lost. His failure was largely blamed on his decision to pull out of early contests. In reality, it was his flawed ideology.

In an election year where the Republican field contains little of what voters want, and much that they dread, Giuliani offered even less, and yet more.

Lacking foreign-policy experience, Giuliani posed as a crime-fighter while insisting that terrorism could only be defeated by war and occupation rather than law enforcement. Having no credibility on social issues, he pretended that being anti-smut was the summum bonum of a pro-family agenda. His economic agenda consisted of little more than touting the Laffer Curve and other supply-side economic trivia. And people wonder why he didn't compete in Michigan.

Giuliani's national candidacy was a symptom of sickness in the GOP. His delayed defeat is a small but welcome sign of health in the party of Goldwater and Reagan.
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Date:Feb 11, 2008
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