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Snapshot: EU on Stronger Footing Than Orban in Hungary. Survey Sep 18, 2018 505
World Took a Negative Turn in 2017. Survey Sep 11, 2018 805
Snapshot: Confidence in the Courts in Poland and the EU. Survey Jul 9, 2018 433
World's Approval of U.S. Leadership Drops to New Low. Survey Jan 17, 2018 860
Venezuela's Descent: Least Safe Country in the World. Survey Aug 1, 2017 914
Billions Worldwide Help Others in Need. Survey Sep 20, 2016 845
Russians' Approval of U.S. Leadership Drops to Record 1%. Survey May 26, 2016 1180
Gallup's Top World Findings of 2015. Dec 30, 2015 145
Ukrainians Disillusioned With Leadership. Survey Dec 23, 2015 794
Security Issues May Hurt Development in Latin America. Survey Sep 24, 2015 783
German Leadership Vies With U.S. in Global Popularity. Survey Jul 6, 2015 757
U.S. Leadership Loses Ground in Africa, Asia. May 14, 2015 1119
Potential Net Migration Shows Aging Countries Attract Young. Jan 28, 2015 1240
Afghans' Outlook on Economy, Jobs Worst in Years. Jan 21, 2015 585
Many Afghans Expect Life to Be Worse After Troops Leave. Jan 14, 2015 595
Gallup's Top 10 World Findings of 2014. Dec 29, 2014 740
Global Image of U.S. Leadership Rebounds; Median approval rating of 45% in Asia is highest on record. Apr 10, 2014 1327
Barriers to Entrepreneurship Stymie EU Economies; Nearly all Italians, Greeks say government makes it hard to start business. Mar 21, 2014 728
Putin's Popularity Waned at Home Before Olympics; Less than half of Russians believe leaders taking Russia in right direction. Feb 13, 2014 570
Gallup's Top 10 World News Findings of 2013; Global employment and engagement among top 2013 discoveries. Brief article Dec 27, 2013 143
U.S. Leadership Earning Lower Marks Worldwide; Forty-one percent median approval lowest of Obama's presidency. Survey Mar 13, 2013 1109
U.S. Leadership Losing Some Status in Key Countries; Gains seen in 2009 in Africa now erased. Survey Apr 19, 2012 1241
Opinion Briefing: Iranians' Outlook for U.S. Relations; While 46% support cutting ties to countries that impose sanctions, 31% do not. Survey Feb 28, 2012 975
Opinion Briefing: New Normal Unclear for U.S., Pakistan; But relations between West and Muslim societies important to many. Survey Jan 26, 2012 1238
Russia's Leadership Not Popular Worldwide; Residents in former Soviet states are most likely to approve. Survey Aug 5, 2011 913
Majority of Britons Distrusted Media Before Hacking Scandal; Britons still more confident than Americans. Jul 27, 2011 557
Nearly Half of Pakistanis Critical of Anti-Terrorism Efforts; Military offensives against militants did little to raise confidence. Survey May 3, 2011 319
High Wellbeing Eludes the Masses in Most Countries Worldwide; Majorities in 19 out of 124 countries "thriving," mostly in Europe and the Americas. Survey Apr 19, 2011 889
Young Arabs More Connected in 2010; Cell phone access jumps in low- and middle-income countries. Survey Apr 11, 2011 762
Before Conflict, Many Young Libyans Doubted Role in Progress; Libya's youth less sure than young people in other middle-income Arab countries. Survey Mar 21, 2011 437
In Latin America, Obama's High Job Approval Fading Somewhat; Ratings down in three nations Obama will visit on his five-day tour. Survey Mar 17, 2011 689
U.S. Leadership Approval Loses Some Momentum Worldwide; Image takes a hit in the Americas. Survey Mar 11, 2011 1089
Ahead of Protests, Many Libyans Discontent With Freedom, Jobs; Residents in Benghazi less satisfied than Tripoli residents. Survey Feb 25, 2011 588
EU Residents Downbeat About Local Job Market in 2010; Nearly all in Ireland, Greece, Spain, and Slovakia said it was a bad time to find a job. Survey Jan 4, 2011 524
Irish Withdraw Confidence From Banks; Trust in financial institutions down across European Union. Survey Dec 21, 2010 420
One in Three Britons Would Like to Leave the UK; Those dissatisfied with their local communities are most likely to desire to migrate. Survey Dec 14, 2010 785
India's Leadership Unknown to Much of World; Even in Asia, median of 44% have no opinion. Survey Nov 30, 2010 847
Optimism About Financial Wellbeing Rebounds in Asia; In 10 countries, optimism at or above pre-economic crisis levels. Survey Oct 6, 2010 708
Afghans Less Confident in Elections This Time; Sixty-seven percent do not trust honesty of process. Survey Sep 10, 2010 436
Global Economic Crisis Was Personal in Countries Far and Wide; Personal outlooks on jobs, standard of living declined significantly. Survey Jun 22, 2010 902
Colombia Eclipses Mexico in Murders Close to Home; Nearly 1 in 5 Colombians say friend, relative murdered in past 12 months. Survey May 5, 2010 464
Kyrgyzstanis Favor Russia Over U.S. Majority say Russian relations more important, even if it hurts those with U.S. Survey Apr 13, 2010 570
Yemenis' Economic Situations Among Worst in Region; Seven percent think it is a good time to find a job. Survey Jan 26, 2010 829
Majority of Yemenis See Benefit From Relations With West; Like others in region, many believe violent conflict can be avoided. Survey Jan 8, 2010 711
Most Indonesians Approve of Incumbent Ahead of Election; Residents see progress on key election issues. Survey Jul 3, 2009 598
Iran's Election Brings Desire for Women's Rights Into Focus; Men and women agreed in 2007 that women should have certain freedoms. Survey Jun 11, 2009 637
Pakistanis Generally See Taliban's Influence as Negative; But many surveyed before offensive didn't know or wouldn't say. Survey May 12, 2009 658
Chinese Likely Welcome Healthcare Reforms; More than three in four rural residents worried about medical bills. Survey Apr 20, 2009 653
Few Pakistanis Satisfied With How Their Democracy Works; Political situation ranks among top problems residents say they face. Survey Mar 13, 2009 534
Opinion Briefing: U.S. Image in Middle East/North Africa; Iraq withdrawal among top actions residents say would improve opinions. Survey Jan 27, 2009 1185
Pakistanis Give New Civilian Leadership Low Marks So Far; Only 13% confident Zardari will improve Pakistanis' lot. Survey Jan 13, 2009 794
Opinion Briefing: U.S.-Pakistan Policy; Nearly half (48%) of Pakistanis see U.S. missile strikes as ineffective. Survey Dec 29, 2008 654
Pakistanis Support Tougher Stance on Terrorism; Nearly half of citizens (49%) say their government isn't doing enough. Survey Dec 17, 2008 682
Before Attacks, 55% of Indians OK With Anti-Terror Efforts; Fewer Indians say Pakistan is doing enough to fight cross-border terror. Survey Nov 28, 2008 383
In Japan, Recession Echoes Consumer Woes; Only 9% say economic conditions are good. Survey Nov 18, 2008 520
Opinion Briefing: Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement; In 2007, South Koreans were mixed on benefits. Survey Nov 13, 2008 507
Filipinos Slightly Favor McCain; Majority No Preference; Forty-nine percent said election outcome makes a difference. Survey Oct 21, 2008 586
In Developed Asia, a Clear Preference for Obama; Margin 4-to-1 in Japan, Australia and 2-to-1 in South Korea, Singapore. Survey Oct 21, 2008 544
Japanese Consumer Confidence Crumbling; More than three in four Japanese think economy is getting worse. Survey Sep 17, 2008 602
Economic Concerns Simmer Ahead of Indonesia's Election; Rising corruption also troubles citizens. Survey Jul 17, 2008 639
Istanbul Attack Underscores Poor U.S. Image; Two in three Turks disapprove of U.S. leadership, consider it hostile. Survey Jul 11, 2008 429
Mongolia's Disputed Election Underscores Public Distrust; Last year just 21% expressed faith in elections. Survey Jul 8, 2008 298
Most Japanese Say Economy Getting Worse; Consumers also pessimistic about nation's future. Survey Jul 7, 2008 491
Indonesians Champion Religious Freedom; About half say their communities are good places for religious minorities. Survey Jun 20, 2008 483
Before Cyclone, Burmese Hoped for Better Economic Futures; Business success, wealth topped citizens' wish lists. Survey Jun 6, 2008 576
A Portrait of Hunger in Sub-Saharan Africa; Before price hikes, many often went without enough to eat in past year. Survey May 21, 2008 622
Food, Shelter Were Issues in Myanmar Before Cyclone; In 2006, 34% reported being unable to afford food at times; 21% unable to afford shelter. Survey May 19, 2008 447
Nepalese See Benefits in Ties With India, China; Many view close links with China, improved relations with India as "good thing". Survey May 2, 2008 331
China's Leadership Better Regarded Outside the West; Approval in Asia, Middle East nearly twice as high as in Europe, the Americas. Survey Apr 29, 2008 728
China's Leadership Unknown to Many; Europe only region where residents more likely to disapprove than approve. Survey Apr 18, 2008 573
Major Nations Don't Reciprocate U.S. Approval; Fifty-one point gap separates Americans', Germans' ratings of each other's leadership. Survey Apr 11, 2008 646
U.S. Leadership Approval Highest in Sub-Saharan Africa; Many residents as approving of leadership of other major nations. Survey Apr 8, 2008 527
U.S. Leadership Approval Lowest in Europe, Mideast; Ratings in single digits among many key allies. Survey Apr 2, 2008 605
Sanitation Situation Serious in Sub-Saharan Africa; Many households rely on unimproved sanitation facilities. Survey Mar 21, 2008 357
Water Quality an Issue Around the World; Satisfaction lowest in sub-Saharan Africa. Survey Mar 19, 2008 987
Mexico's Neighborhoods on Front Lines in Drug War; Border and non-border residents report near equal exposure to gangs, drug sales. Survey Mar 12, 2008 606
Malaysian Elections Underscore Ethnic Tension; Ethnic minorities less likely to say government is doing enough to promote harmony. Survey Feb 29, 2008 680
Mexico's Citizens Ready for Improved Justice System; Slightly more than a third express confidence in judicial system and courts. Survey Feb 20, 2008 570
On Africa Trip, Bush Finds More Receptive Audiences; Majorities in Benin, Ghana, Rwanda approve of U.S. leadership. Survey Feb 19, 2008 520
Asian Populations Predict China's Rise Over U.S. Substantial numbers see China replacing the United States as leading superpower. Survey Feb 6, 2008 817
Italians' Confidence Before and During Prodi; Italians less pessimistic about economy in 2007 than in 2005. Survey Jan 29, 2008 444
Serbians' Views on EU Membership Key to Vote; Presidential election is seen as a referendum on future path with Europe. Survey Jan 18, 2008 452
Bush Trip Underscores Disapproval of U.S. in Mideast; Opinion of U.S. leadership dismal in five of seven countries visited. Survey Jan 16, 2008 298
Cold Turkey for Turks; Turkey has highest reported incidence of smoking in countries surveyed. Survey Jan 14, 2008 359
Algerians Concerned for Their Safety; Only 30% feel safe walking alone at night. Survey Jun 1, 2007 428
Economic, Income Issues Simmer Ahead of Philippine Election; Filipinos satisfied with job creation efforts, but extremely pessimistic about economy. Survey May 11, 2007 556
Filipinos Lack Faith in Country's Violence-Plagued Elections; Majority expects vote-buying to occur in Monday's midterm ballot. Survey May 10, 2007 422
Job Concerns in the Middle of France's Left-Right Election; Employment policy, job creation key issues. Survey May 4, 2007 571
Bangladeshis Lack Faith in Elections; Democracy in the predominantly Muslim country hangs in the balance. Survey Jan 22, 2007 439

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