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Raxco Software's New PerfectDisk 2000 Leads the Industry by Becoming the First Product to Defragment Every System File Across the Windows 95/98/NT Enterprise.


New capabilities leapfrog competition by defragmenting

Windows NT Master File Table, Directories and Paging Files

Raxco Software Inc., the technology leader in Windows NT System Resource Management, today introduced its new PerfectDisk 2000 defragmenter, the only product that can defragment every type of file on Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 95/98 system disks, including the Master File Table (MFT), paging files, and directories.

Before PerfectDisk 2000, users could defragment only about 80 percent of a disk. PerfectDisk 2000 gives users 100 percent defragmentation. It enables users to schedule and control defragmentation runs on any Windows 95/98 or NT system - anywhere in the enterprise - from a central site. That gives users total enterprise-wide defragmentation of all files on all Windows systems.

"Until now, no product could defragment the Master File Table," said Jim Williams, Raxco's Windows NT products manager. "Being able to defragment the MFT is important because it is the first place a request searches to find a file. But the MFT's design makes it susceptible to becoming highly fragmented, and when it does, it becomes a disproportionate bottleneck. The ability of PerfectDisk 2000 to defragment the MFT means the initial request for data is processed faster. This is probably the most important step in improving a disk's overall performance."

SMART Placement

Raxco's patented SMART Placement(tm) technology further increases performance by relocating the most recently used files - including the MFT, directories and paging files - to a place on the disk where they can be accessed faster than they were previously. This strategy improves performance by minimizing disk seek times. No other disk defragmentation product uses this technology.

"PerfectDisk 2000 takes the defragmentation aspect of System Resource Management to a new level," said Robert E. Nolan, Raxco's president and CEO. "Now that we can defragment the Master File Table, there is no type of file on a disk whose access performance we cannot improve. PerfectDisk is the ultimate defragmenter."

Leapfrogs other defragmenters

"PerfectDisk 2000 leapfrogs the capabilities of other NT defragmenters," said Joseph Abusamra, director of product marketing. "Its capabilities exceed those of other products that cannot defragment the Master File Table, and which cannot intelligently place files according to when they were last used," he said. "And Raxco's pricing strategy, which charges the same amount for the server and workstation versions of PerfectDisk 2000, means users can save up to $200 per server license over the price of other defraggers in the market."

Other key features and benefits of PerfectDisk 2000 include:


-- Enhancements that make the graphical user interface easier to
 use. For example, users will now see a Microsoft Windows
 Explorer-like interface.
-- A new command line interface that provides improved automation
 capabilities. For example, an administrator can now define
 fragmented file thresholds that can automatically initiate a
 defragmentation run.
-- Multiple domain support, which enables system resource managers
 to schedule and execute defragmentation runs for every machine
 across multiple domains
-- Support for Windows 95/98, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000
 (formerly known as Windows NT 5.0).


Pricing and availability

PerfectDisk 2000 is priced the same for workstation and server versions. Prices start at $49 for single quantities. The version supporting MFT, paging file, and directories fragmentation will be available in Q2, 1999. Windows 95/98 scheduling and control capabilities will be available later in Q2.

About Raxco Software, Inc.

Raxco Software, Inc. is the technology leader in System Resource Management tools for Windows NT and OpenVMS operating systems. Its Windows NT products include instaNT PRO, the only comprehensive, integrated utility suite for Windows NT; instaNT, which combines remote control and defragmentation capabilities, and PerfectDisk 2000. Raxco also offers two products for OpenVMS. Performance Suite combines Raxco's SMART Placement(tm) disk defragmentation technology, a caching scheme that can increase I/O performance by as much as 500 percent, system tuning that assures maximum performance for interactive users, and automatic file management that increases application performance. Raxco Support Suite streamlines OpenVMS user support with help desk, user training, and user productivity features. Raxco Software, Inc. has headquarters in Gaithersburg, Maryland with offices and distributors worldwide. For further information see Raxco's website at

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