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Ratings: Market 11 through 25.

Here isyour selected large marketNielsen Audio ratings scorecard for October 9 through November 9. Clark Smidt is the tour guide for a trip beginning in Detroit and winding its way to Pittsburgh.

Checking the holiday list: Have you been bad or good?

By Clark Smidt, Broadcast Connector

Cha-Cha Cha Changes -- David Bowie, 1972. Swaps, sales, promotions, folks "graduating" and moving on. The October 9 -- November 9 survey period covered baseball playoffs, The World Series, football on a roll, the mid-term elections and some wild & wicked weather. This ride with the Nielsen PPM Audio Results stretches from Motown market #11 to The Three Rivers #25 -- Detroit to Pittsburgh and all parts of the country, along the way. Radio Markets using PPM measurement report 13x per year, including the upcoming Holiday edition. While total persons 6+ subscriber-onlyresults give a fair picture, it's worthy of consideration for all involved with radio to benefit from an Apples to Apples number for every licensed broadcast signal, in every surveyed market.

11. DETROIT, MI . Population 6+ 3,732,000. iHeart Media UrbanA/C WMXD September/October/November is6.4-6.9-6.6 for#1 share with the #10 cume. WXYT loses top slot as the Tigers don't go all the way. CBS takes the next three rankers with News WWJ 6.0-6.0-6.4, Sports WXYT/F 7.4-8.3-6.3 and ClassicHits WOMC 6.8-6.2-5.9. Cumulus Media News/Talk WJR is 5th and gaining 4.6-4.9-5.7. Music. iHeart CHR WKQI has a 6th place tie and the #1 cume 1.055 million 5.3-4.8-5.0 vs.CBS CHR WDZH 3.0-3.1-2.9. Tied for 6th,CBS Country WYCD 4.8-4.7-5.0 vs. Cumulus Country WDRQ 2.2-1.8-2.1. Greater Media ClassicRock WCSX 4.6-4.7-4.8 vs. iHeart ClassicRock WDTW/F 3.4-3.8-3.6. Greater Media Rock WRIF 4.5-4.5-4.6 ties Radio One UrbanA/C WDMK 4.5-4.2-4.6 compared to iHeart Urban WJLB 4.5-4.3-4.3, Radio One Urban WGPR 3.4-2.7-3.0, Radio One Gospel WPZR 2.0-2.3-2.5. iHeart A/C WNIC stays 4.4-4.2-4.3, Cumulus HotA/C WDVD 4.2-3.8-3.7. Bell Media Canada gains in the US with AA CIDR/F 2.2, ModRock CIMX 2.0 and Oldies CKWW .3. Detroit Public TV Classical WRJC 1.8. News/Talk. Michigan Public Media WUOM 1.7, Wayne State U WDET/F .8, Radio One WCHB .5 and Bell Media CKLW .4. Sports. Greater Media WMGC/F up to 1.4, iHeart WDFN off .2,CBS WXYT down .1. Motor City Stats: 48 stations, 60% subscribe to Nielsen and can show their share. Ethnic Composition: AfroAm 22%, Spanish 4%. Largest One Month Swings: +.8 News/Talk WJR, -- 2.0 Sports WXYT/F. Market ClusterShares: CBS 28.3-28.7-26.6, iHeart 24.3,-24.3-24.0, GreaterMedia 10.0-10.4-10.8, Radio One 9.9-9.7-10.6, Cumulus11.0-10.5-9.4.

12. MIAMI, FL . 3,670,900. Repeats for the Top 3: Cox Urban WHQT holds #1, 8.1-7.7-7.8 on just the 11th market cume. Lincoln FinancialA/C WLYE 6.9-7.1-7.2 for 2nd and another steady #1 cume at 1.236 million. UnivisionSpanishHits WAMR is #3, 6.4-6.5-5.8. 4th share now belongs to iHeart CHR WHYI/F 4.4-4.9-5.2 andCox Soft A/C WFEZ slips to 5th, 5.5-5.9-4.8. Music. Beasley Broadcast (approved this week to swap tax-free with CBS, here and in 3 other markets) RymCHR WPOW 3.9-4.1-4.3 ties Lincoln Financial ClassicHits WXMJ 4.1-3.9-4.3 vs. iHeart ClassicRock WBGG/F 2.8-2.7-3.0, Cox CHR WFLC 3.6-3.5-3.3 and iHeart HotA/C WMIA 2.8, tied with Beasley/CBS Country WKIS 2.8. CoxUrban WEDR 4.0-3.7-4.0 vs. iHeart Urban WMIB 2.8-2.9-2.9. American Public Media Classical WKCP 1.4 and WAY Christian WAYF 1.1. A 3-way Tropical format match shows Univision WRTO 3.6, Spanish Broadcasting System WCMQ 3.4 and Spanish Broadcasting WXDJ 2.9. Spanish. iHeart WMGE 2.9, Fenix WWFE 1.7, Groupo Latino SpanishN/T 1.3, Union Radio SpanishN/T WURN 1.1 and Univision WQRA .4. Sports. Lincoln Financial WAXY/F 1.8, Beasley/CBS WQAM 1.0 and iHeart WINZ .4. MiamiStats: 51 stations, 61% subscribe,Spanish 50%, AfroAm 21%.Swings: +.4 ClassicHits WMXJ, -.9 SoftA/C WFEZ. Shares: Cox 21.2-20.8-19.9,iHeart 17.5-17.3-18.4,Lincoln Financial 11.0-12.5-13.3,Univision 13.7-14.4-13.1,Beasley now CBS8.1-7.9-8.1.

13. SEATTLE, WA . 3,477,300. HubbardBroadcasting keeps the #1 share and #1 cume with CHR KQMV, 6.3-6.8-6.2 but weekly listeners off 73,000 to 926k. Bonneville / KSL News/Talk KIRO/F gains to take 2nd 4.6-5.1-5.7, Entercom Rock KISW is a steady 5.0-5.2-5.2, Entercom Classic Rock KZOK moves 4.1-3.9-4.8 and Hubbard SoftA/C KRWM is tied for 5th 4.6-5.0-4.9 with Entercom Country KKWF 4.8-4.8-4.9. Music. CBS ClassicRock KZOK up 4.1-3.8-4.8,Crista Media Christian KCMS 4.5-4.3-4, iHeart CHR KBKS 3.8-3.7-3.8, CBS AdultHits KJAQ 3.3-3.6-3.5 ties Sinclair Broadcast Group HotA/C KPLZ 3.9-3.3-3.5. A nice showing by Pacific Lutheran University KPLU Jazz trimulcast 2.3-2.8-3.4 followed closely by Classic Radio Classical KING/F 3.1-3.4-3.2. iHeart ClassicHits KJR/F 3.8-3.3-3.1, Entercom ModA/C KNDD 3.0, Entercom HotA/C KHTP 2.7-2.5-2.2, AA Friends of KEXP 1.3 and Hubbard Adult Standards KIXI 1.2. News/Talk/Sports. Northwest N/T KUOW trimucast is a straight 4.0, Bonneville Sports KIRO Sports 4.5-4.0-3.8, Sinclair News KOMO-A/F 2.9-3.0-3.4, Bonneville Talk KTTH 2.3, iHeart Sports KJR 2. Sinclair Talk KVI 1.1. Seattle Stats: 61 stations, 56% subscribe. Spanish 8%, AfroAm 6%. Swings + .9 ClassicRock KZOK, -.6 CHR KQMV. Shares: Entercom 16.2-15.5-15.3, Hubbard 15.0-15.9-14.6, iHeart 12.6-13.4-12.4,Bonneville 11.2-9.1-11.8, CBS 11.0-10.9-11.4, Sinclair Broadcast 7.7-7.9-7.3.

14. PHOENIX, AZ . 3,222,700. CBS keeps the #1 share with Classic Hits KOOL/F 6.2-5.9-5.7 on the #6 cume. iHeart follows with rankers 2-4-5-6 shuffled around this time with Talk KFYI having 2nd place to itself 4.5-5.1-5.1, HotA/C KMXP dips to 4th 5.1-4.9-4.7, vs. iHeart A/C KESZ 4.9-5.1-4.6 with the #1 cume 1.012 million and a tie with Country KNIX/F 4.8-4.4-4.6. Holding 3rd share is Hubbard Rock KUPD up again 4.3-4.6-5.0 with co-owned ClassicRock KSLX/F 4.7-4.6-4.5. Music. CBS Country KMLL 4.4-4.6-4.3, iHeart RymCHR KZZP 4.1-4.1-3.9, CBS RymCHR KZON 3.2-3.4-3.4, Yucaipa Companies RymCHR KKFR 3.1-2.6-2.6, Sierra H. Broadcasting RymOldies 2.2 and co-owned Sierra Urban KNRJ 1.2. iHeart AdultHits KYOT down 3.7-3.3-3.1, Hubbard ModRock 2.5-2.3-2.7, Hubbard Oldies KAZG .4. Family Life Christian 2.5-2.1-2.0, Maricopa County Community College Classical KBAQ 1.5, Yucaipa SoftA/C KOAI 1.3. News/Talk: Bonneville KTAR/F 3.4-3.2-3.4, Maricopa Community KJZZ 2.3-2.3-2.1, iHeart KOY .1. Spanish: Farmworkers Educational RegMex 2.6-2.8-2.7, Entravision RegMex 1.8-2.4-2.5,Entravision Adult Hits KVVA/KDVA 2.5-2.9-1.9, Univision AdultHits KOMR/KKMR 1.8, Univision Urban 1.1. Sports: Bonneville KMVP/F 2.0-2.1-2.4, iHeart KGME .8, Bonneville KTAR .7, Entravision Spanish Sports .2, Hubbard Sports KDUS .1. Phoenix Stats: 50 stations, 68% subscribe. Spanish 28%, AfroAm 5%. Swings +.4 Rock WUPD and RegMex KNAI; -.5 A/C KESZ. Shares: iHeart 28.0-28.2-26.1, CBS 13.8-13.9,-13.4, Hubbard 11.8-11.9-12.6 Yucaipa 7.8-7.1-7.6, Bonneville 5.5-6.1-6.5.

16. MINNEAPOLIS, MN. 2,756,200. iHeartCHR KDWB/F grows their #1 share 7.5-8.2-9.3, and #1 cume 1.04-1.11 million.Hubbard HotA/C KSTP/F 6.7-7.1-6.8keeps 2nd, iHeart Sports KFXN/F takes 3rd growing 4.2-5.5-6.5, Cumulus ClassicRock KQRS/F 7.1-7.0-6.4 to tie iHeart Country KEEY 6.3-5.5-6.4 vs. CBS Country KMNB 6.8-6.6-6.3. Music. iHeart ClassicHits KQQL slides 7.4-6.9-6.1 vs. CBS AdultHits KZJK 6.3-5.7-5.4 and iHeart HotA/C KTCZ 6.0-5.9-5.3. University of Northwestern St. Paul Christian KTIS 5.5-5.1-5.0 ties Cumulus Rock KXXR 5.4-4.7-5.0, American Public Media AA KCMP 4.3-3.1-3.1, American Public Classical KSJN 2.4-2.5-2.3, Center for Communication Urban KMOJ 2.1, Twins' Northern Lights ModA/C a very flat 1.0 and Minneapolis Public Schools Jazz KBEM .3 News/Talk/Sports: American Public N/T KNOW grows again 3.6-4.3-5.1, CBS N/T WCCO 3.8-4.0-3.7, iHeart Talk KTLK 1.9-2.6-2.7, Hubbard Sports KSTP 1.5, Hubbard Talk WTMY 1.3. American Public's two streams hold steady with AA KCMP .3 and N/T KHOW .1. Twin City Stats: Stations 48, Subscribers 50%,AfroAm 8%, Spanish 5%, Swings: +.1.1 CHR KDWB/F, -.6 Classic Rock KQRS/F. Cluster Shares: iHeart 33.3-34.6-36.3, CBS 16.1-16.3-15.4, CMLS 12.5-11.7-11.4,American Public Media 11.0-10.3-10.9,Hubbard 9.6-10.0-9.6.

17. SAN DIEGO, CA . 2,648,300. iHeart CHR KHTS comes back to tie for #1 6.0-5.2-5.3share with #1 cume 867k. Lincoln Financial Country KSON/KSOQ jumps 4.3-4.4-5.3 to tie at #1 share. San Diego State University N/T KPBS/KQVO holds #3rank,5.0-5.4-5.0. iHeart HotA/C KMYI moves into 4th 4.3-4.4-4.7 andLincoln Financial SoftA/C slips to 5th, 5.2-5.0-4.4 to tieLocal Media of San Diego RymCHR XHTZ 4.5-4.9-4.4. Music. Local Media of San Diego RymOldies XHHM 4.4-4.1-4.1, iHeart Classic Rock KGB/FM 4.5-4.1-4.1,iHeart Rock KIOZ 3.9-4.2-3.8, Local Media of SanDiego ModRock XETRA 3.3-3.2-3.2 vs. Lincoln FinancialModRock KBZT 3.5-3.4-2.9. CBS A/C KYXY 4.1-4.0-3.7, CBS CHR KEGY 3.8-3.8-3.3, Radio San Diego ClassicHits XHPRS 3.1-2.8-3.0, iHeart RhymA/C KSSX 2.4-2.7-2.5, Midwest TV HotA/C KFMB 2.3-2.3-2.5, Radio San Diego AA KPRI 1.8 and San Diego Community College Jazz KSDS .3. Spanish. Univision RegMex KLNV 2.6-3.3-3.7, Univision SpAdult KLQV 3.6-3.6-3.1, Imagen Informative SpHits XHLTN 1.5, Uni Radio Corp RegMex XHTY/F 1.0, MVS International SpAdult XHOCL .8, Ini Radio SpCHR XHFG .3 and MVS SpCHR XHGLX also .3. Sports. Radio San Diego XEPRS 3.2-3.0-3.3, iHeart KLSD 1.6, Radio San Diego XEPE .3. News/Talk. iHeart KOGO 1.6-1.7-2.4 vs. Midwest TV KFMB 1.5-1.7-2.2. San Diego Stats: Stations 40, Subscribers 73%,Spanish 31%, AfroAm 5%,Swings +.9 Country KSON/KSOQ, -- .6 SoftA/C KIFM. Shares: iHeart 23.6-23.9-24.4, Lincoln Financial 13.0-12.8-12.6, Local Media of San Diego 12.2-12.2-11.8, Radio San Diego 8.3-7.7-8.4, CBS 7.9-7.8-7.0, Univision 6.2-6.9-6.8.

18. TAMPA -- ST. PETERSBURG, FL . 2,441,800. Cox is #1-2 and tied for 3rd, but the big story is Beasley taking over the 6 station CBS cluster in the trade involving Miami, Charlotte and Philly. #1 Cox Soft A/C WDUV again grows top share 12.6-12.9-13.2, #1 cume 766k and the Dove lead over Cox 2nd place Classic Hits WXGL 6.2-5.9-6.3 is a whopping 6.9! iHeart CHR WFLZ is in a 3-way tie for thirdvs. Cox CHR WPOI 4.9-5.1-5.3 and Beasley Country WQYK 4.9-5.8-5.3. Music. Beasley RymCHR WLLD 4.9-5.8-5.0, and Beasley ClassicHits WRBQ/F 5.0-4.9-4.9. iHeart ties itself with Urban WBTP 4.6-4.9-4.6 and Country WFUS 4.2-4.4-4.6. Cox A/C WWRM 4.6-4.5-4.4, iHeart HotA/C WMTX 4.2-4.0-4.2.iHeart Rock WXTB 4.2-3.4-3.9, Cox ModRock WSUN/F gaining 2.3-2.5-2.9, iHeart ClassicRock WMTX-HD2 1.6, Nathan Stubblefield Foundation AA.6 and University of So. Florida Classical WSMR .4.Christian. Ration Training Network WCIE 2.4-2.5-2.5, Moody Boble WKES trimulcast .8 ties Diocese of St. Petersburg WBVM .8, Radio Training Newt WJIS and WCIE Stream both .1. News/Talk. iHeasrt WFLA 3.8-3.9-4.1, Cox WHPT 4.6-3.2-3.0, University of So. FLA. N/T WUSF 2.1-2.3-2.2, iHeart N/T WHNZ .4. Sports. iHeart WDAE WDAE 25.4-2.5-2.2, Beasley WHFS/F .7 and Beasley WHFS .1 Tampa-St. Pete Stats: 51 stations, 57% subscribe. Spanish 16%, AfroAm 12%. Swings: +.4 ClassicHits WXGL, -.8 Beasley RymCHR WLLD. Shares: Cox 35.8-34.1-35.1, iHeart 30.4-30.4-29.3, Beasley 19.4-19.1-19.2.

19. NASSAU-SUFFOLK, LONG ISLAND, NY. 2,423,700. The nation's largest "shadow" market. Local Connoisseur Media leads the pack with A/C WALK/F 7.0-8.1-7.4 on the 3rd highest cume. CBS NYC Sports WFAN-A/F 4.7-5.9-6.4, iHeart NYC CHR WHTZ 4.7-5.5-6.0 with top cume 769k vs. Cox local CHR WBLI 5.7-4.9-4.9. CBS News WCBS 4.5, iHeart ClassicRock WAXQ 4.4 and CBS ClassicHits WCBS/FM 4.0 to tie local Connoisseur A/C WKJY 4.4-4.2-4.0 and Connoisseur WBZO ClassicHits holds at 3.2. Cox local ClassicRock WBAB/WHFM 3.0-3.0-2.8. Long Island Stats: 56 stations with 63% subscribing, more from neighboring NYC than Long Island. Spanish 15%, AfroAm 9%. Swings: +.5 for NYC stations, Sports WCBS, CHR WHTZ and ClassicHits WCBS/FM with locals CHR WBLI and ClassicHits WBZO both flat; -- .7 A/C WALK/F. Shares: CBS 21.5, iHeart 21.1, Connoisseur 16.1, Cox 7.7.

20. DENVER . 2,362,700. Talk about close, the top 6 stations are within 4 of each other, two-way tie for #1: Entravision Spanish Adult KJMN 6.3-5.3-5.4, andiHeart N/T KOA 4.1-4.3-5.0 on the 16th and 11th ranking cumes, respectively. iHeart ModRock KTCL gains for a very close #3 4.7-5.1-5.3, Lincoln Financial Media CountryKYGO/F is just a hair back 5.3-5.3-5.2, Entercom takes a close 5th with ClassicRock KQMT 5.3-5.3-5.1 and iHeart AA KBCO 5.1-4.8-5.0. Music. iHeart ClassicRock KRFX 4.2-4.5-4.6 in a tie with Entercom SoftA/C KOSI 4.6-4.3-4.6 with the #1 cume 667k. Lincoln Financial RymCHR KQKS down 45.7-5.2-4.3, vs. iHeart RymCHR KPTT 3.6-4.0-3.8 and Max Broadcast Group RymA/C KJHM 3.0-2.3-2.2. Educational Media Foundation Christian KLDV 4.2-4.0-4.2. Wilks Broadcasting ClassicHits KXKL/F 3.4-4.0-3.6 ties Entercom HotA/C KALC 3.7-3.2-3.6 vs. Wilks HotA/C KIMN 3.7-3.2-3.6. iHeart Rock KBPI 3.8-3.1-3.4, Max ModRock KXDE .4. Wilks Country KWOF gains 1.9-2.3-2.5, Lincoln Financial Oldies KRWZ 1.2, Public Broadcasting of Colorado Classical KVOD 1.0, Rocky Mtn. Public Jazz KUVO/KVJZ .8, Entercom AdStandards KEZW. Spanish. ERntravision RegMex KXPX 3.5-3.3-3.9, Latino reg.Mex KBNO .5, Entravision Romantica KMXA .2. News/Talk. Lincoln Financial Comedy KYGO HD-2 2.1-2.4-2.4, iHeart KHOW 1.2, N/T Community Radio Northern Colorado KUNC.KRNC .5, iHeart KKZN .1. Sports. Lincoln Financial KKFN 1.8-2.4-2.5, Front Range Sports KDSP .9, Front Range other Sports KJAC .8, Lincoln Financial KEPN .1. Mile High Stats: Stations 48, Subscribers 71%,Spanish 21%, AfroAm 6%, Swings +.6 RegMex KXPX, -- .9 RymCHR KQKS. Shares: iHeart 27.1-27.6-28.8, Lincoln FInancial 16.2-16.8-15.7, Entercom 13.6-12.8-13.3, Wilks 9.8-10.0-9.6,Entravision 10.1-8.8-9.5.

21. BALTIMORE . 2,317,700. iHeart Country WPOC sustains #1 share 8.2-7.9-7.7 on 4th cume. Radio OneUrban WERQ now 2nd, 6.8-6.1-6.6,Radio One UrbanA/C WWIN 3rd 6.0-6.3-6.3,CBS A/C WLIF has the #1 cume 600k and moves into 4th jumping 4.4-4.6-5.7 andCBS HotA/C WWMX is #5, 6.2-6.0-5.6. News/Talk. Hearst TV WBAL 5.0-5.7-5.1 as the Orioles end their flight, CBS Sports WJZ/F 3.8-5.1-5.0, Your Public Radio News WNPR 2.3-2.3-2.2, WCBM Maryland Talk 1.5, CBS News WNEW/FM 1.5. Music. Shamrock ClassicRock WZBA up 4.1-4.4-4.7vs.Hearst TV Rock WIYY 3.6-4.0-3.9 even with the Ravens, and iHeart AdultHits WQSR 3.8-3.7-3.6.,iHeart RymCHR WZFT 5.2-4.1-4.5 and University of Maryland AA WTMD 1.3. iHeart RymCHR WZFT 5.2-4.1-4.4 vs. CBS RymCHR WPGC/F 1.7. Peter and John Fellowship Christian WRBS/F bows 4.3-4.1-3.1, Baltimore City Community College Classical WBJC steady 2.3-2.5-2.4. Baltimore Stats: Stations 37, Subscribers 78%,AfroAm 29%, Spanish 5%, Swings: + 1.1 A/C WLIF, -- 1.0 Christian WRBS. Shares:CBS 18.5-19.7-20.9,iHeart 19.1-17.8-17.6, RadioOne 13.6-13.7-14.1, Hearst TV 8.6-9.7-9.0.

22. ST. LOUIS . 2,310,500. CBS News/Talk KMOX takes a hit but keeps #1 share rank 8.6-8.9-6.8 on the #10 cume. Emmis Communications Rock KSHE into 2nd 6.0-5.9-6.2, iHeart Oldies KLOU up 5.4-5.5-5.9 to 3rd,HubbardCountry WIL/F 6.4-6.0-508 is tied for 34th with Radio One Urban WHHL gaining 5.1-5.3-5.8. Music. CBS HotA/C KYKY dips 6.4-5.6-5.3, Gateway Creative Christian 5.6-5.3-5.2 as their HD2 adds a .1. iHeart Country KSD 4.8-4.9-4.9,iHeart CHR KSLZ 4.9-4.8-4.7. There's a 3-way tie withHubbard AdultHits WARH 4.8-4.6-4.6, Radio One R&BOldies WFUN/F 4.3-4.6-4.6 and Emmis ClassicHit KIHT 4.6-4.4-4.6. Emmis ModRock WPNT close on their heels 4.2-4.1-4.5, CBS A/C KEZK 4.2-4.7-4.0, iHeart UrbaanA/C KMJM/F 2.0-2.1-2.4, iHeart RymCHR KBWX 2.3-2.3-2.1, and iHeasrt Gospel KATZ 1.1. News/Talk. University of Missouri KWMU up 4.3-4.6-5.3, Emmis Talk KFTK 3.2-2.7-2.5 and Hubbard Sports WXOS up 3.0-3.8-4.3. Golden Arch Stats: Stations 44, Subscribers 50%, AfroAm19%, Spanish 2%,Swings: +.7 N/T KWMU, -- 2.1 News/Talk KMOX Shares: iHeart 20.4-20.5-21.1,Emmis 18.0-17.1-17.8,CBS 19.2-19.2-16.1, Hubbard 14.2-14.4-14.7, Radio One 9.4-9.9-10.4.

23. PORTLAND, OR . 2,124,500. iHeartA/C KKCW keeps the #1 Share8.1-8.3-8.0& #1 Cume 694-687k. Oregon Public N/T KOBP gains 5.9-6.0-7.2 for sole possession of share #2, iHeart ClassicHits KLTH is 3rd 6.8-6.2-6.0 followed by iHeart CHR KKRZ 5.5-5.6-6.0 and Entercom Country KWJJ/F into 5th 5.8-5.4-5.4 vs. Alpha Media CountryKUPL 5.8-6.0-5.0. Music. Entercom HotA/C KRSK 5.5-5.6-4.7, vs. Alpha HotA/C KBFF 3.3-3.8-3.4. iHeart RymCHR KXJM drops 5.8-5.1-4.7. Entercom AdultHits KYCH/F 4.1-43.4-4.5, Entercom ClassicRock KGON 3.9-3.9-4.0 vs. iHeart ClassicRock KFBW 3.6-3.7-3.6, Entercom ModRockKNRK 3.3-2.8-2.9, vs .iHeart ModRock KKRZ-HD2 .5. Salem Christian KFIS steady at 3.2, All Classical Public KQAC trimulcast 2.9-2.2-2.6, Alpha AA KINK slides 3.5-3.1-2.5, Oregon Public Jazz KMHD 1.4 and Salem RegMex KRYP 1.8-1.8-2.2. News/Talk. Alpha KXL/F 3.5-3.9-3.9, iHeart Talk KEX 1.8-1.7-2.3, Alpha Talk KUFO .7, Oregon Public KOPB/F stream .2. Sports. Entercom KFXX 1.8, Alpha KXTG 1.6, iHeart KPOJ .7 and Entercom KMTT .4. Portland Stats: Stations 50, Subscribers 54%, Spanish 12% AfroAm 3%, Swings + 1.2 N/T KOPB/F, -1.0 Country KHRL. Shares: iHeart 25.6-31.5-31.9, Entercom 24.3-24.4-23.7, Alpha 17.3-18.7-17.1, Oregon Public 5.9-7.8-8.8.

24. CHARLOTTE, NC. 2,058,800. Beasley has a #1 walk-on taking over the 7 station CBS cluster, leading off with Country WSOC/F 7.7-8.3-7.8 for #1 share and now #1 cume at 532k. Beasley Urban from CBS WPEG is #2, 7.6-7.2-6.8, iHeart ranks 3,4 & 5 withCountry WKKT6.4-6.9-66 in a self tie withClassicRock WRFX 6.8-6.3-6.6 andAdultHits WLKO 7.4-6.7-6.4 in 5th and a loss of 56k cume. Music. BeasleyUrbanA/C WBAV/F 6.0-5.6-5.1, Radio One Gospel WPZS/WQNC gaining a tie at 4.2-4.7-5.0 and Radio One R&BOldies WOSF 4.7-5.0-4.5. Greater Media HotA/C WLNK 3.6-4.6-4.6, Beasley AC WKQC 4.9-4.5-4.4, CBS CHR WNKS 4.3-3.7-4.3 to tie iHeart CHR WHQC 4.1-4.4-4.3. iHeart ModRock WEND 2.9-2.7-3.0, Davidson College classical WDAVG 1.2, Blue Ridge Christian WMIT .8 vs. Radio Training Christian WLJF/F .2 and Gaston College AA WSGE .2. News/Talk Greater Media WBT/WBT/F up 2.5-3.2-3.5, University Radio Foundation WFAE/WFHE 2.6-2.8-2.4, So. Carolina Educational TV WNSC .3. Sports. Beasley WFNZ 1.2 and Beasley Sports that was CBS WBCN -- likely to keep the Boston iconic call letters -- .2. Charlotte Stats: Stations 60, Subscribers 38%,AfroAm 22%, Spanish 8%, Swings: + .6 CHR WNKS, -.5 for each Country WSOC/F, UrbanA/C WBAV/F and R&BOldies WOSF. Shares: Beasley's instant #1 31.8-30.7-29.8, iHeart 27.6-27.0-26.9, ROI 8.9-9.7-9.6, GreaterMedia 6.1-7.8-8.1.

25. PITTSBURGH . 1,990,400. Everybody wins as each of the Top 4 gain. iHeart Rock WDVE takes over #1 7.9-7.4-8.7 on a #2 cume just 6k off the pace. Steel City AdultHits WRRK jumps 7.0-6.8-8.0 vs. iHeart ClassicHits 8.2-7.8-7.9. iHeart has 4th with CHR WKST/F 7.3-6.7-7.3 and CBS takes 5th and 6th share ranks on N/T KDKA 6.2-6.0-5.6 and Country WDSY/F 6.0-5.1-5.5 vs. iHeart Country WPGB 3.5-3.1-3.1. Music. Steel City Media HotA/C WLTJn 4.5-4.0-4.6vs. CNBS HotA/C WBZZ 4.1-4.1-4.3., iHeart ModRock WEXDX/F 3.3-3.3-4.1 and Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting AA WYEP./F .8 Sports. CBS KDKA/F suffers 6.0-6.7-4.4, iHeart WBGG hangs at .6. Essential Public Media News/Talk WESA dips 2.9-2.8-2.3. Three Rivers Stats: Stations 49, Subscribers 29%,Spanish 12%,AfroAm 9%,Swings: + 1.3 Rock WDVE, -- 2.3 Sports KDKA/F. Shares: iHeart 30.8-28.9-31.7, CBS 22.3-21.9-19.8, Steel City 11.5-10.8-12.6.


* Trade articles are talking up radio's value! Wireless, everywhere & free.

* There also seems to be overdue support for the 50+ audience: underserved, wealthy, predisposed to radio and music.

* It's all about content & easy delivery.

* There are many channels to fill.

* Slight adjustments = scoring in the red zone.

Media Connector Clark Smidt,provides non-duplicated input adding to content, presentation, sponsored local service and adding cash flow. Nor'east Boomer Clark started in NYC newspaper and Hartford AM, FM & TV in the '60s, Boston management throughout the '70, broadcast advisor since '82, owner/operator 1987-2012. Results with existing resources; connections for superior Research and Engineering. 978 470-2120. Andover, MA. Please search Clark Smidt, for all radio articles.

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