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Rast & Gasser revolver.

Q: Each month when my Guns & Ammo arrives, the first thing I do is turn to your column. It is so informative and interesting. Keep up the great articles. I recently acquired a Rast & Gasser Model 1898, serial number 126XXX. The date on top is "17." As you can see from the photos, it is missing the ejector sleeve. Other than that, the gun seems to be in good working order and in fair condition with some pitting. Is it possible to get the missing ejector sleeve? And, if so, then what would be the value of this piece?


Buckeye, Arizona

A: Hoo-boy! Finding that sleeve is going to be a tough one. While not uncommon, Model 1898 Rast & Gasser revolvers aren't all that plentiful either. Finding bits and pieces for one is going to be chancy. You may have to haunt the internet like I do when looking for an oddball gun part. Alternatively, perhaps one of G&A's readers can help you out. If complete, your Gasser is worth between [dollar]450 and [dollar]600, depending upon condition.



Caption: RAST & GASSER MODEL 1898, 8mm GASSER, 90%: [dollar]600

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Author:James, Garry
Publication:Guns & Ammo
Date:Aug 1, 2017
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