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Rare thousand-year-old Arabic poetry.


The Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (Adach) has published a new edition of one of the rarest known works of Arabic literature, Soul of the Soul, an encyclopedia of poetry from the fifth Islamic century, dating back approximately 1,000 years. To date, there were only two known surviving copies: one in the National Library in Paris and the other in the Assad National Library in Damascus. The 2,790 poems contained in the book are considered to be among the most important in the Arabic language. Ibrahim Saleh, a Syria-based scholar who researched and edited the new edition, said it was impossible to know who compiled the original Soul of the Soul, but it is believed it may have been one of the disciples of Al Thaalibi, a prominent literary figure in the eastern part of the Islamic world during the fourth Islamic and 10th Gregorian century. The full edition will be divided into 360 sections and the poems will be grouped by theme. The new publication is also intended to commemorate the centenary of the passing of Sheikh Zayed the First, which was marked by Adach on 19 May 2009.

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Title Annotation:Compass 02/2010: News and views from around the world; Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage published new edition of Soul of the Soul
Publication:The Middle East
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Date:Feb 1, 2010
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