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Rapist jailed for assault on boy.

Byline: Liz Keen

A TEENAGER who posed as a security guard and raped a drunken 15-year-old boy in a city centre park has been jailed for 10 years.

Craig Stead, 18, who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, was jailed despite an attempt to have him put in hospital.

Cardiff Crown Court heard Stead, who has been known to the psychiatric services for years, attacked the boy after finding him drunk and separated from his friends.

Posing as a security guard, complete with high-visibility yellow jacket and a walkie-talkie, he walked the schoolboy from the bright lights of a subway to a small wooded area.

There, in the park at the side of Boulevard de Nantes, he stripped the youngster and carried out the sex attack.

Police found the boy naked from the waist down and curled around the bottom of a tree.

Bizarrely, officers were directed there by Stead himself, the court was told.

He saw two patrol officers as he himself came out of the park and told them he was a council security officer and that he had just seen a distressed boy at the foot of a tree.

Part-time judge Recorder Ian Murphy QC said Stead, who had gone to the city centre from his home in Mountain Ash, must have been feeling a pang of conscience about what he had just done.

But defence barrister Jennet Treharne said the way he had engaged with the officers was typical behaviour for an Asperger's sufferer.

She had urged the court to consider imposing a hospital order instead of a prison sentence on Stead, who is also a convicted arsonist.

But Recorder Murphy said he was concerned the hospital plan in place for Stead, who was branded a danger to the public, included possible outside activities.

The court was told the victim had suffered a terrible ordeal late on that sunny Saturday he spent with friends last September.

He had to take medication, which affected his schooling and his exams, and faced the wait to know whether he had contracted HIV.

Stead, described as a "risk-taker" that night - as he had been the day in 2009 when he set fire to a house while his father was asleep inside just because he wanted to see a fire engine in action - told police the boy had been a willing sexual partner.

The judge said: "You met this schoolboy only by chance while he was so drunk he was offering hugs to people in a brightly lit part of the city.

"Speaking to him as a 'security guard', you warned him about his behaviour before leading him away."

Stead had denied two sexual assaults but was convicted by a jury after it was found he was mentally fit to stand trial.
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 28, 2011
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