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Rapid drug screening.

American Bio Medica Corporation has added to its available point-of-collection drug screens with the introduction of Rapid TOX, a screen in a horizontal cassette platform. Users of this screen drop a urine specimen into a channel in the cassette, or the cassette itself can be dipped into a specimen. Rapid TOX is compatible with American Bio Medica's Rapid Reader[TM], the company's drug screen result interpretation and data management system.


Rapid TOX is designed to provide accurate test results within minutes. American Bio Medica's products also include the urine testing products Rapid Drug Screen, Rapid ONE[R], Rapid TEC[R], and RDS[R] InCup[TM] and the oral fluid testing product OralStat[R]. More information about American Bio Medica products can be found at
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Date:May 1, 2006
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