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Rapid devaluation of rupee causing massive losses to Pak economy, Dr. Imran Y. Muhammad - Managing Director of AsimJofa Group calls for level playing field.

Dr. Imran Y. Muhammad is a self-driven person and Almighty Creator has bestowed him with marvelous character, gorgeous personality and exceptional qualities regarding practical initiative, courage and perseverance. Above all he has the determination to bring the positive change in the lives of the people of our society and is devotedly working for this noble cause. Dr. Imran is a Canadian citizen. He is highly qualified and a well-reputed personality both, nationally and internationally. He is Managing Director of Multinational Group of Companies involved in various businesses (Super premium FMCG, Construction, Renewable Energy, Premium Jewelry, Premium Textile, etc.

Dr. Imran is Silva Ultramind ESP Trainer; Board Certified International Master Instructor of Hypnotherapy for National Guild of Hypnotists (USA) (1st in Pakistan and 3rd in Asia) and only NLP Master Trainer in Pakistan trained by all the Co-Creators and Developers of NLP John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Frank Pucelik, and Robert Dilts. He is a certified Intuitive Counselor, Motivational Public Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer and Coach based in USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Australia and Pakistan.

Dr. Imran is a distinguished social campaigner. He is the developer of Abraq A(r) Healing System and Founder of TransformationA(r) International Society (TIS). The TIS has a vision "to aspire to inspire optimism in everyone who come in contact with by infusing their hearts, minds and souls with enthusiasm, hope and positive thinking". The TIS is helping both young and old people, - irrespective of their age, sex, ethnic background, religion, etc. - to make the most of their life by teaching them to optimize their performance, boost their motivation, achieve excellence and live their life to its fullest using latest human development technologies and wisdom of the ages via regular Free Consultation and Therapeutic Services, monthly Free Seminars and via TV programs of which almost 800 programs are already recorded on all leading channels.

Dr. Imran has the honor of introducing Advance Mental health Psychology and amp; Mind Sciences Transformation Technologies in Universities of Pakistan and in this regard he is providing free teaching services at Universities. In recognition of Dr. Imran's outstanding performance in the field of public service and education, the President of Pakistan has conferred on him, one of the highest civil award of Sitara-i-Imtiaz. Furthermore, upon noticing his enthusiasm and never-ending efforts in field of education and social service, the Recognition awards are given to Dr. Imran by Government of Netherlands, Canada and USA. Dr. Imran is also Honorary Consul General of Philippines in Karachi.

In an exclusive interview with Eergy Update (EU) Dr Imran cnotinues to say that.......

Energy Update (EU): What are the details of nature, volume and scope of business and investment of Jofa Group in Pakistan?

Imran Y. Muhammad (IYM): Jofa Group has been involved in various business ventures which includes textile products by the brand name of AsimJofa, Movenpick Ice Cream and Movenpick Coffee from Switzerland with distribution in all over Pakistan, Asim Jofa Diamond Gallery, Jofa Jewelry and construction. The volume and sizes of these businesses ranges as medium size with smart ROI and profitability ratios.

EU: How much business climate of Pakistan in general and that of Karachi in particular is favorable for investment and doing business by international companies like the Jofa Group?

IYM: Jofa Group has found favorable business environment in Karachi but these are coupled with challenges of power shortages which, results in losses to the group in the business of ice cream, for other business ventures, law and order and economic conditions deprive the business to achieve economies of scale. Karachi in general is the financial hub of Pakistan is the usiness friendly city of Pakistan with largest banks, transportation, industries, real estate. People of Karachi have developed a fashion sense to consume foreign products and brands on their day to day routine.

EU: What are the main issues which, have been hampering growth of businesses being done in Pakistan by the multinational companies?

IYM: Rapid devaluation of the rupee against the major currencies, due to which, the profit margins are shrinking, increasing cost of manpower and energy, high R and D expenditure which, can lead to the suffering of the masses for not conducting sufficient research on the newly emerging trends in the Pakistani environment, cultural effects: Sometimes the multinational companies affect the values, norms and traditions of the host country very badly as in Pakistan. They bring with them their own culture and try that the local people of Pakistan adopt these values. Through different marketing strategies they try to sell luxurious products to the people. For those who lack funds to buy it have a sense of deprivation in them and try to opt for illegal means to buy those. Energy crises in the country has led to growth of MNCs, Inconsistent import policies and random SRO's.

EU: What are the immediate future plans of Jofa Group in Pakistan and in the region?

IYM: Jofa Group tend to continue with market research and study the requirements of the market and bring in new products categories to gather maximum market share.

EU: In what areas of trade and business Pakistan and the Philippines have been collaborating with each other on an active basis?

IYM: Philippines' exports to Pakistan, are: food and beverages, auto parts, machinery and parts, electronics, oil, chemicals, fertilizers, tobacco related products, skin care products, second hand clothing while Philippines imports from Pakistan are include: pharmaceutical, garments and textiles, rice, sports goods, cement, medical and surgical goods, food products (salt mostly) and fruits and vegetables.

EU: Which are the sectors of business and economy where Pakistan and the Philippines could collaborate with each other and increase mutual trade and ties?

IYM: Food sector, export of rice, potato, onion, citrus, import of canned food, coconut oil and products, pharmaceutical, export of pharmaceutical products, import of medical and surgical goods, texiles, garments and fashion. Export of cotton, towel and terry, bed sheets vs import of used clothing and eauty care products.

EU: While discharging your duties as the Consul General of Philippines, what are your preferences and priorities with regard to enhancing mutual relations between the two countries?

IYM: Bilateral relations were established between Philippines and Pakistan soon after the latter's birth. The first diplomatic mission of Pakistan was opened in Pakistan in 1949. Bilateral relations between the two countries are based on trust and goodwill and we have successfully built and enjoyed our cordial relationships. It should be noted that this year is a milestone to commemorate the 69th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Philippines and Pakistan. As the Honorary Consul General of Pakistan, my priority is to further develop and deepen our long standing and warmly cherished mutual cooperation.

EU: What are your CSR activities and for uplift of the downtrodden and underprivileged communities?

IYM: "Life's most persistent and urgent question is - What are you doing for others?" I am the founder and originator of Transformation International Society (TIS). Initiated about two decades ago, in Canada, the Transformation International Society (TIS) is the product of a vision where accessible and affordable healthcare, vocational training and education are not a mere concept, but rather a reality benefiting individuals beyond the boundaries of age, gender, race or ethnicity.

TIS is continually striving towards equipping people with the tools to optimize their disposition, motivation, and skills towards achieving excellence, making them productive, self- sufficient and independent in various walks of life. The outcome of our endeavors has been nothing short of gratifying. Indeed, making a positive impact on someone's life is a reward in itself.
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Publication:Energy Update
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Date:Jun 30, 2018
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