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Rapid Logic-Art & Logic Partnership Delivers Award-Winning Web-Based Management Systems.

ALAMEDA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 10, 1999--

Intelligent device management software and user interface design

services provide leading device vendors with attractive, robust

Web-based management solutions

Rapid Logic Inc. and Art & Logic Inc. today announced a partnership in which, together, the two companies provide manufacturers of datacom and telecom equipment with award-winning and widely adopted Web-based management systems.

Both companies were pioneers in providing Web-based management support more than four years ago. Rapid Logic's founders delivered the first Web-manageable network product, the TribeLink(TM) Internet Router, while working together at Tribe Computer Works. Since that first implementation of Web-based management, Rapid Logic has brought to market a third-generation technology solution built on its RapidControl Backplane(TM). Art & Logic developed a Web/CGI management system, which allowed any standard Web browser to be used for configuring Sonoma Systems' Access device.

Now the companies share several customers in common. One of those is Redback Networks. Redback used Rapid Logic's RapidControl for Web(TM) for adding Web-based management capabilities to its award-winning Subscriber Management System(TM) (SMS) 1000, a broadband subscriber management system. The company also collaborated with Art & Logic to design its sophisticated Web-based management interface.

"Rapid Logic's RapidControl for Web saved us time and provided us with a powerful and extensible framework for re-using code for future management through Java applets, JavaScript, XML, and e-mail alerts," said Jeff Johnson, software engineer, embedded management, of Redback Networks. "In addition, Art & Logic's engineers truly understand the requirements for Web-based interfaces. This gave us a high performance, functional interface."

Art & Logic's engineers use the connectivity provided by Rapid Logic's RapidControl(TM) product line to access the embedded parameters within networked devices. This allows Art & Logic's development team to leverage their experience in advanced JavaScript programming for optimizing the functionality and performance of the Web-based device management interface. In addition to custom Web applications for device management systems, Art & Logic's engineering team assists with custom Java applications, applets and servlets, and C/C++ applications for embedded systems.

Rapid Logic's RapidControl product line includes RapidControl for Web(TM), RapidControl for Applets(TM), RapidControl for CLI(TM), MIBway(TM) for RapidControl(TM) and MIBway(TM) for Wind(R) Web Server. All products use the company's RapidControl Backplane (RCB), a management architecture that serves as a bi-directional gateway for tying device-level objects to higher-level management objects, for comprehensive access and control. The RCB exposes objects in a standardized fashion and provides easy extensibility to a myriad of management protocols. By maintaining a separation between device-level objects and management-level objects, the RCB facilitates changes to a device's user interface without making changes to internal code. This allows Rapid Logic's customers to outsource their user interface design for product upgrades and customization. The RCB is the only device management framework that unifies critical management functions around a common architecture.

Other companies using Rapid Logic's software for creating extensible, scalable and customizable Web-based management systems and Art & Logic's Web-based management system support services include Nortel Networks, Anritsu Corporation, and Ensemble Communications. To see screen shots of their Web-based interfaces, go to To see online demos of their products, go to

About Art & Logic Inc.

Art & Logic Inc. was established in 1991 to provide software development services to the engineering departments of high technology companies. Their fully staffed engineering department can assist in every phase of device management system development from writing specifications to design and implementation. They can also assume ongoing maintenance and support of the system. In addition to creating Web-based device management systems, Art & Logic develops applications and device drivers for Windows and Mac OS.

The company's business model is based on building long-term relationships with its clients. Art & Logic collaborates with engineering managers and in-house engineering staffs to bring products to market on schedule and on budget. Art & Logic's strength in project management, attention to detail, and the ability to learn new technologies quickly has enabled it to complete projects where other developers have failed.

Art & Logic is headquartered in Los Angeles with regional offices in Seattle; Provo, Utah; and the New York metropolitan area. The company's commitment to telecommuting has enabled Art & Logic to assemble a team of the highest quality software-engineering professionals located throughout the United States and Canada. Art & Logic engineers are full-time company employees. For more information, call (877) 278-5644, send e-mail to, or visit the company's Web site at

About Rapid Logic Inc.

Rapid Logic is a leading provider of software for intelligent, Internet-based device management. Its RapidControl(TM) product family unifies the life cycle of device management, which allows vendors of embedded networked devices to support multiple management protocols and offer interfaces that can be easily upgraded and customized across multiple product releases and product lines. Integrated into more than 100 platforms, RapidControl allows device vendors to easily create their own powerful Web-based configuration, access and control applications in a fraction of the time and cost it took through prior methods.

Customers exceed 70 embedded device vendors worldwide. They include established leaders such as Alcatel (NYSE:ALA), Nortel Networks (NYSE:NT/TSE:NTL), Lucent Technologies (NYSE:LU), Hitachi (NYSE:HIT), Siemens (OBB:SMAWY), Nokia (NYSE:NOK), Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPW), and Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO) as well as robust upstarts such as Tut Systems (NASDAQ:TUTS), PairGain Technologies (NASDAQ:PAIR), and Redback Networks. Rapid Logic's partners include Integrated Systems Inc. (ISI) (NASDAQ:INTS), International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) (NYSE:IBM), Sun Microsystems (NASDAQ:SUNW), and Wind River Systems (NASDAQ:WIND). Rapid Logic's corporate investors include Intel Corporation and Integrated Systems Inc. Institutional investors include Needham Capital and Sterling Payot Company. For more information, call (510) 749-0900, send e-mail to, or visit the company's Web site at
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Date:Nov 10, 1999
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