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Rapeseed Chemistry and Technology.

RAPESEED CHEMISTRY and TECHNOLOGY by HENRYK NIEWIADOMSKI. 432 pages with index. Price: 123.00 [pounds]. (Holland: Elsevier Science Publishers BV)

As many readers will know, rapeseed is one of the most common sources of vegetable oil in the European temperate zone, and in recent years its cultivation has increased rapidly. Unluckily, both rapeseed oil and meal contain components that are harmful from a nutritional point of view and much research has been devoted to assessing them. This book aims to provide a comprehensive discussion of the chemistry involved, the technology and methods of utilizing the material.

Rapeseed was a simple crop for local use but now it has become important as a valuable export and as such deserves to be better understood. This book is designed to fill that gap. It makes sure the problems are fully understood and reveals how work is being carried out around the world. The origin of it can be traced to a symposium held in Poland back in 1967; this event was entitled an International Symposium on the Chemistry and Technology of Rapeseed Oil and Other Cruciferae Oils. This was followed by the formation in 1972 of the International Rapeseed Research Advisory Group to coordinate studies on rapeseed.

The dozen chapters carry titles: Rapeseed as a raw material in the vegetable oil industry; Rapeseed varieties; Chemical composition of rapeseed and physical properties of rapeseed oil; Methods of analysis and characterization of properties; Preliminary technological operations; Primary processing; Oil refining; Modification of rapeseed oil; Technology of edible products; Technology of non edible products; Nutritional value of rapeseed oil; Nutritional value of rapeseed meal; together with references and an index. This is a fulsome text on an important crop.
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Date:Feb 1, 1991
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