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"Am I hiding anything? No. The entire story was made up. It's infuriating."

--Kevin Spacey, commenting on Esquire magazine's 1997 cover story "Kevin Spacey Has a Secret," which intimated that he is gay, as quoted in the October issue of Playboy

* "I feel gay society's worst mistake is stereotyping itself. They don't even realize they're doing it. I mean, fashion queens are the worst, or if you don't fit that bill, are you a bloody Mary, a muscle Mary, one of them queens that pumps up and then gets mad when people say you take too many steroids? Well, honey, you do!"

--Gay British fashion designer Alexander McQueen, as quoted in the September issue of W

* "I asked for a Barbie doll at 6, and my mother told me a few years ago they didn't know if they should give it to me because they were afraid it would make me gay. I told her if I was asking, I was already gay."

--Lady Bunny, organizer of Wigstock, New York City's annual Labor Day drag festival, as quoted in the September 3 edition of The New York Times

* "I left [Communist Czechoslovakia] so I would be free. I thought this was the land of the flee. I didn't think it meant the land of the flee as long as you're heterosexual."

--Martina Navratilova, discussing ongoing antigay discrimination on CNN's Larry King Live August 30
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Date:Oct 12, 1999
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