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Rant and rave.

I have been a reader of LATIN TRADE for years and have always wondered if Silicon Jack secretly owns the magazine or who does he have pictures of in order to continue on the staff ["Silicon Jack," June 2005]. Every month it seems Mr. Epstein uses his column to bash the United States or President George W. Bush. When he is not doing that he whines and complains about multinational corporations changing the culture of a region or their supposed lack of respect for the environment. It would seem that his rants should be printed in some pro-Chavez rag in Venezuela rather than a magazine that deals with business.

Columnists in other business magazines that I have read usually relate their columns to things that are business related. However, I can count on getting none of that in Mr. Epstein's columns. Instead, I get to read the rants and ravings of somebody who should just take his donkey to Caracas or back to New York!
Roberto Zuniga
Sugar Land, Texas
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Author:Zuniga, Roberto
Publication:Latin Trade
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Sep 1, 2005
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