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The Accumulated Effects of Foam Rolling Combined with Stretching on Range of Motion and Physical Performance: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Konrad, Andreas; Nakamura, Masatoshi; Bernsteiner, Daniel; Tilp, Markus Report Jul 23, 2021 7072
Assessment of the Maximal Range of Motion from Initial Sensation of Stretching to the Limits of Tolerance. von Duvillard, Serge P.; Carvalho, Luciana P.; Rodrigues, Sara A.; Cabido, Christian E.; Peixoto, Gu Report Jul 23, 2021 6456
Differences in Pivot Leg Kinematics and Electromyography Activation in Various Round House Kicking Heights. Chang, Wei-Gang; Lin, Kuan-Yu; Chu, Mu-Yen; Chow, Tong-Hsien Report Jul 23, 2021 7936
The Acute and Prolonged Effects of Different Durations of Foam Rolling on Range of Motion, Muscle Stiffness, and Muscle Strength. Nakamura, Masatoshi; Onuma, Remi; Kiyono, Ryosuke; Yasaka, Koki; Sato, Shigeru; Yahata, Kaoru; Fukay Report Mar 1, 2021 6450
Influence of Altered Knee Angle and Muscular Contraction Type on Electromyographic Activity of Hamstring Muscles during 45[degrees] Hip Extension Exercise. Keerasomboon, Taspol; Mineta, Shinshiro; Hirose, Norikazu Report Dec 1, 2020 4006
Effects of Tissue Flossing and Dynamic Stretching on Hamstring Muscles Function. Kaneda, Hiroaki; Takahira, Naonobu; Tsuda, Kouji; Tozaki, Kiyoshi; Kudo, Sho; Takahashi, Yoshiki; Sa Report Dec 1, 2020 9064
The Acute Effects of a Percussive Massage Treatment with a Hypervolt Device on Plantar Flexor Muscles' Range of Motion and Performance. Konrad, Andreas; Glashuttner, Christoph; Reiner, Marina Maren; Bernsteiner, Daniel; Tilp, Markus Report Dec 1, 2020 3208
Hip Screening of a Professional Ballet Company Using Ultrasound-Assisted Physical Examination Diagnosing the At-Risk Hip. Rodriguez, Michelle; Bolia, Ioanna K.; Philippon, Michele D.; Briggs, Karen K.; Philippon, Marc J. Report Apr 1, 2019 4752
Effects of Dynamic Stretching with Different Loads on Hip Joint Range of Motion in the Elderly. Zhou, Wen-Sheng; Lin, Jia-Huei; Chen, Shu-Chen; Chien, Kuei-Yu Report Mar 1, 2019 5359
Stretching Combined with Repetitive Small Length Changes of the Plantar Flexors Enhances Their Passive Extensibility while Not Compromising Strength. Ikeda, Naoki; Inami, Takayuki; Kawakami, Yasuo Report Mar 1, 2019 5298
Foam Rolling and Joint Distraction with Elastic Band Training Performed for 5-7 Weeks Respectively Improve Lower Limb Flexibility. Guillot, Aymeric; Kerautret, Yann; Queyrel, Florian; Schobb, William; Rienzo, Franck Di Report Mar 1, 2019 10449
The Addition of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation with Roller Massage Alone or in Combination Did Not Increase Pain Tolerance or Range of Motion. Young, James D.; Spence, Alyssa-Joy; Power, Gerard; Behm, David G. Report Dec 1, 2018 7971
Tools for Addressing Pain. Klotter, Jule Report Nov 1, 2018 661
Anterior Subcutaneous Transposition of the Ulnar Nerve Affects Elbow Range of Motion: A Mean 13.5 Years of Follow-up. Liu, Xing-Hua; Gong, Mao-Qi; Wang, Yang; Liu, Chang; Li, Shao-Liang; Jiang, Xie-Yuan Report Feb 3, 2018 4359
Intra-examiner reliability of measurements of ankle range of motion using a modified inclinometer: a pilot study. Tavares, Patricia; Landsman, Victoria; Wiltshire, Leslie Aug 1, 2017 3226
Maintaining range to maintain mobility: If you have not received skilled instruction on how to perform range of motion, it may be beneficial to learn how to gently perform stretches firmly to safely prevent and improve any limitations, but also while not causing injury. McNealus, Kristin May 1, 2017 899
Functional performance test after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with hybrid tibial fixation/ Funkcionalni rezultati nakon rekonstrukcije prednjeg ukrstenog ligamenta tehnikom hibridne fiksacije. Janjic, Natasa J.; Dulic, Oliver; Ninkovic, Srdan; Harhaji, Vladimir; Gojkovic, Zoran; Milankov, Mir Report Dec 1, 2016 5516
Similar function and improved range of shoulder motion is achieved following repair of three- and four-part proximal humerus fractures compared with hemiarthroplasty. Khurana, Sonya; Davidovitch, Roy I.; Kwon, Young K.; Zuckerman, Joseph D.; Egol, Kenneth A. Report Jul 1, 2016 4102
Arthroscopic management of synovial chondromatosis of the hip. Hsieh, Kuan-Hsiang; Pan, Ru-Yu; Shen, Pei-Hung; Huang, Zheng-Yi Case study May 1, 2016 1171
The relationship between the range of moton of the hip joint with ruptured anterior cruciate ligament/Povezanost obima pokreta zgloba kuka sa kidanjem prednjeg ukrstenog ligamenta kolena. Budinski, Zlatko; Budinski, Slavko; Vranjes, Miodrag; Obradovic, Mirko; Mikic, Milena; Milankov, Mir May 1, 2016 4968
Knee-Extension Training with a Single-Joint Hybrid Assistive Limb during the Early Postoperative Period after Total Knee Arthroplasty in a Patient with Osteoarthritis. Yoshioka, Tomokazu; Sugaya, Hisashi; Kubota, Shigeki; Onishi, Mio; Kanamori, Akihiro; Sankai, Yoshiy Clinical report Jan 1, 2016 2872
The impact of use the neural muscular facilities for the sensitive receptors in the final stage of the rehabilitation programs for injury with the muscular "tears" in the flexibility of the hamstring muscles. Abdelgaber, Abdelrahman Mansour Report Jun 15, 2015 4785
Effect of acute alterations in foot strike patterns during running on sagittal plane lower limb kinematics and kinetics. Valenzuela, Kevin A.; Lynn, Scott K.; Mikelson, Lisa R.; Noffal, Guillermo J.; Judelson, Daniel A. Report Mar 1, 2015 6603
Comparative analysis of external and internal rotation of leg in pivot shift test and quantification by image analysis in patients with chronic anterior cruciate ligament injuries. T., Santhamoorthy; K., Arun Report Aug 4, 2014 3289
J Strength Cond Res.: A comparison of strength and stretch interventions on active and passive ranges of movement in dancers: a randomized controlled trial. Wyon, M.A.; Smith, A.; Koutedakis, Y. Brief article Jul 1, 2014 261
The range of interincisal opening among university students of Ajman, UAE. Sohail, Aqib; Amjad, Aneela Report Jun 30, 2011 2855
Effects of a six week lower limb stretching programme on range of motion, peak passive torque and stiffness in people with and without osteoarthritis of the knee. Reid, Duncan A.; McNair, Peter J. Clinical report Mar 1, 2011 6856
Effect of continuous passive motion following total knee arthroplasty on knee range of motion and function: a systematic review. Viswanathan, Poornima; Kidd, Martin Report Mar 1, 2010 6153
Inter-rater reliability for measurement of passive physiological range of motion of upper extremity joints is better if instruments are used: a systematic review. van de Pol, Rachel J.; van Trijffel, Emiel; Lucas, Cees Clinical report Mar 1, 2010 7337
Integrative manual therapy improves women's health, range of motion, and pregnancy. Giammatteo, Sharon W.; Giammatteo, Thomas; Burnham, Kimberly Report Apr 1, 2009 2252
Measurement of turnout in dance research a critical review. Champion, Lowry M.; Chatfield, Steven J. Report Oct 1, 2008 10286
Passive hip rotation range of motion in LPGA golfers. Gulgin, Heather R.; Armstrong, Charles W. Report Jun 22, 2008 4417
Ground reaction force comparison between jumps landing on the full foot and jumps landing en pointe in ballet dancers. Chockley, Christina Report Jan 1, 2008 2622
Am J Sports Med: Range of joint movement in female dancers and nondancers aged 8 to 16 years. Steinberg, N.; Hershkovitz, I.; Peleg, S.; Dar, G.; Masharawi, Y.; Heim, M.; Siev-Ner, I. Brief article Apr 1, 2007 261
Lower extremity joint angles associated with exercise. Dunn, E.J.; Kessans, K.; Salem, G.J. Clinical report Mar 22, 2005 462
Flexibility in dance. Deighan, Martine A. Jan 1, 2005 4346
Ligamentous Laxity Not a Barrier to Sports Participation. JANCIN, BRUCE May 15, 2001 373
Simple Guidelines For the Development of Flexibility. Plisk, Steven Scott Jan 1, 2001 1700
`What is this so-called date-rape drugs, and what effect does it have on women?'. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 698
Stretching for runners. Baldwin, Barbara Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 853
The effects of complex wrist and forearm posture on wrist range of motion. Marshall, Matthew M.; Mozrall, Jacqueline R.; Shealy, Jasper E. Jun 1, 1999 4225
Stretching Into the 21st Century: Part Two. Cheng, Sharon Mar 1, 1998 3745
All the right moves. Dunkin, Mary Anne May 1, 1993 1115

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