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Random samples: sales.

GlaxoSmithKline announced it will evaluate Beyond Genomics' Systems Biology approach to elucidate disease pathways and identify protein and metabolite markers of disease state and drug response ... Scimagix and Roche entered an agreement to develop image data management solutions in support of Roche's proteomics processes ... Roche purchased a customized GeneExpress database from Gene Logic ... A Northrop Grumman-led team, which includes Cepheid, received a contract from the US Postal Service to install and test Bio-Agent Detection Systems at 14 USPS facilities ... JEOL sold scanning electron microscopes to Salem State College and the University of Illinois at Chicago's Microfabrication Applications Laboratory ... Boston Biomedica sold and shipped its first two PCT Sample Preparation Systems ... LION bioscience announced it will receive a $2 million milestone payment from Bayer for pharmacophore informatics project software components ... LION bioscience licensed its SRS Evolution technology to Siena Biotech ... Aeroport de Paris said it will install Smiths Detection's IONSCAN trace explosives detectors at Roissy's Charles de Gaulle. Smiths Detection also received detector orders from Brussels International Airport in Belgium, Venizelos Airport in Athens, Greece and 15 airports in Italy ... Perlegen Sciences announced a collaboration with Bristol-Myers Squibb to research markers for patient response to medications ... Perlegen Sciences formed a collaboration with Pfizer to research the effects of DNA variations on cardiovascular disease ... GeneLogic agreed to purchase at least $15.1 million in products and services from Affymetrix ... Symyx Technologies delivered a Polymorph Discovery Tools system to Eli Lilly ... Tm Bioscience announced its first development and supply agreement for its Tag-It Mutation Detection Kit for P450-2D6 ... The National Human Genome Research Institute selected the Baylor College of Medicine and ParAllele Biosciences to participate in the creation of a human haplotype map ... ComGenex began its participation in the multi-year OpenMolGRID project, which is being funded by the European Union ... GE Global Research and Molecular Nanosystems won a NIST Advanced Technology Program award to develop a template synthesis platform for growing aligned nanorods ... UCB Films chose L.I.M.S.'s StarLIMS for a new R&D facility in the UK ... Analytik Jena's AJZ Engineering GmbH received a 12.4 million [euro] follow-up order from the Brazilian Ministry of Education to provide equipment for more than 50 Brazilian universities ... NASA bought a multi EA 3000 Elemental Analyzer from Analytik Jena for research on chlorine content in liquids and gases ... The Riken Genomic Science Center in Japan bought Bruker BioSpin's 50th AVANCE 700 NMR System ... MDS Proteomics, under a five-year contract with Cephalon, wlll provide technologies for development of Cephalon's central nervous system compounds ... The Genomics Institute for the Novartis Research Foundation licensed the Rosetta Revolver software system from Rosetta Biosoftware ... Amnis sold its first ImageStream 100 plafform ... Fisher Scientific extended its lab supply contract with Edinburgh University by two years ...
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Title Annotation:multiple contract news briefs
Publication:Instrument Business Outlook
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Date:Mar 15, 2003
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