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Genetix Group Plc, a maker of robotic equipment for genetic research, completed its IPO on the London Stock Exchange in late November...Tecan established a subsidiary in Belgium by taking over its former distributor Sercolab Systems, opened a representation office in Barcelona for Spain and Portugal, and will open an office in The Netherlands....Bayer opened its High Technology Center in Connecticut for genomics, bioinformatics and database mining research...Lion Bioscience and Tripos will provide Bayer with bioinformatics and cheminformatics technology under a 30-month deal worth $25 million...Hitachi became a value-added reseller and distributor of DoubleTwist products for the Asia-Pacific region...Invitrogen's Research Genetics division will supply PCR products to Genomic Solutions for printing on GeneMAP microarrays as part of a collaborative agreement...Genomic Solutions also signed a six-month option to purchase all outstanding shares of Fundamental Forces, which makes technology for the detection and manipulation of biomolecules...Eurofins Scientific opened Europe's first specialized lab for BSE testing and tracing of meat products in Germany...


Beckman Coulter's new LabManager iLIMS offers easier navigation and flexibility and can be accessed from an Internet web-browser...Zymark released the MultiDose G3 fully automated dissolution workstation and the SciClone SPE Liquid Handler Workstation...It also released software that integrates its Twister Universal Microplate Handler and RapidPlate 96/384 Microplate Pipetting Workstation into one automated system...Agilent improved upon its 1100 HPLC system to offer an expanded version that allows for sample purification from microgram to gram quantities...Packard Bioscience's next-generation biochip production system will provide high-throughput manufacturing capabilities and will be available mid-2001...American Water Works and DuPont Qualicon introduced a method for detecting Cryptosporidium parvum in drinking water...Neogen released a quantitative test for capsaicin...It also released two test kits that can detect genetically modified corn, including the StarLink brand...Genetic ID Japan also introduced a kit that can detect StarLink corn...


ID Biomedical and Third Wave Technologies (TWT) reached a settlement in which lawsuits brought by both companies regarding patent infringement and invalidity were dropped in exchange for TWT's payment of $4 million cash and $6 million in TWT soon-to-be-issued stock to ID Biomedical...Incyte Genomics filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Gene Logic relating to Incyte's database systems employing gene classification based on protein function...Nanogen will continue its declaratory judgment action against Motorola and MIT in a trial expected in 2001 as a court supervised settlement was not achieved...Invitrogen won a favorable decision in its litigation with Clontech Laboratories when the Federal Court of Appeals reversed and remanded an earlier decision in which two of Invitrogen's patents were found unenforceable...Applied Biosystems served Affymetrix with a patent infringement suit relating to methods and technologies for making oligonucleotides...
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Publication:Instrument Business Outlook
Date:Dec 31, 2000
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