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Measurement Specialities has acquired IC Sensors from PerkinElmer for $12 million...Siemens Canada has acquired Milltronics, a industrial measurement instrumentation company, for approximately $335 million...Amersham Pharmacia Biotech has signed a licensing agreement with Intergen to use Integen's Amplifluor nucleic acid detection technology in the company's Sniper SNP analysis platform...Incyte Pharmaceuticals has changed its name to Incyte Genomics, Inc...Thermo Instrument Systems' ThermoSpectra subsidiary has sold Nicolet Imaging Systems and Sierra Research and Technology to GenRad for $40 million...Sigma-Aldrich has sold its B-Line Systems business to Cooper Industries for $425 million...Chemdex has partnered with, and Zaxis International, which manufactures electrophoresis pre-cast gels and reagents, and MDL Information Systems...The Samsung Group is unifying its bioengineering businesses to form a new company centered on biochips, biomedicine and bioenvironment products...Merck KGga will co-market globally the chromatography instruments and services of Dr.-Ing Herbert Knauer GmbH...Milltronics has acquired the distribution rights for Sigrist, a process photometer company, products in the UK and France...Motorola BioChip Systems has signed an OEM supply agreement with Axon Instruments to distribute Axon's GenePix 4000A microarray scanner...Agilent Technologies announced it will expand its technology access program for DNA micro-array technology...The company also announced that a stock dividend of all of Hewlett-Packard's shares in Agilent was distributed on June 2 to HP shareowners...NEN Life Sciences has signed a license and distribution agreement with Motorola BioChip Systems granting Motorola the right to market NEN's AcycloTerminator reagents...Nicolet and Spectral Dimensions have entered into a joint partnership agreement to provide a new FT-IR Spectral Imaging has become Glaxo Welcome's e-marketplace for the purchase of third-party lab supplies via a private marketplace...Argonaut Technologies is planning an IPO worth over $86 million...GeneLogic will provide Affymetrix with access to its proprietary sequence information from which Affymetrix will design and manufacture a series of custom GeneChip probe arrays...Axon Instruments and NEN Life Sciences will co-market NEN's Micromax Microarray Products and Axon's GenePix Microarray Analysis Systems...


Galvanic Applied Sciences has introduced the 801 Wall Total Sulfur Analyzer for low level ppb measurement of total sulfur in pure gasses...Varian introduced the CP-8400 AutoSampler which uses dual and duplication injection technologies...Affymetrix has released the GeneChip E. coli Genome Array for simultaneous measurement of over 4200 E. coli genes in a single analysis, the Genechip Genflex Tag Array for the simultaneous interrogation of up to 2000 customer-defined reaction products in a single experiment, and the Human Genome U95 Set, which can analyze the expression of over 60,000 gene sequences from the NCBI UniGene Database...Molecular Devices introduced FLIPR Calcium Assay Kit to improve screening efficiency when using the FLIPR system...The company also introduced the Embla 96/384 well washer and the SkanWasher 400 microplate washer...Horiba has introducedthe EMAX ENERGY, a new energy dispersion X-ray analysis instrument, to be used with a electron microscope..Agilent Technologies has introduced two GPC-SEC start-up kits, the Organic GPC for organic polymer analysis and the Aqueous SEC for water-soluble

polymer analysis...Nicolet Instrument and Galactic Industries have launched, an online service to search high quality FTIR and Raman spectral libraries...PE Biosystems has introduced the ABI 3900 High Throughput DNA Synthesizer for production-level synthesis...The company and the Instrument Group of Hitachi introduced the new ABI Prism 3100 Genetic Analyzer for disease risk-factor analysis, DNA typing for forensic applications and the identification of micro-organisms for food and pharmaceutical product safety...Gene Logic released its GeneExpress 2000 database suite...PerkinElmer Instruments introduced the Princeton Applied Research DLK-60, a low-cost, portable electrochemical environmental analyzer...FOSS has introduced the MicroFoss solution for rapid microbiological screening of food products...Agilent has introduced its 8453 UV-visible pharma system for pharmaceutical QA/QC and research labs...Molecular Circuitry has launched the Detex Pathogen Detection System to test for pathogens in food...Horiba had started selling the Crystalsizer particle size analyzer, manufactured by Retsch, in the US market...Zymark introduced the application-focused Staccato Workstations...PE Biosystems has introduced the ViroSeq HIV-1 Genotyping System, version 2...Agilent Technologies and Caliper Technologies have introduced the DNA 5000 LabChip kit for the automated analysis of DNA fragments to determine size and concentration...Argonaut Technologies has begun shipping its Surveyor instruments which improved chemical process R&D by applying parallel reaction methodology and integrated sampling and HPLC analysis...Pall has launched a new small flow Aria water filtration system...


Zymark announced that Taiho Pharmaceutical has purchased an Allegro Combo system for high-throughput screening and is the first such system in Japan...Barringer Technologies has received $6.2 million contract from the Israeli Ministry of Defense for its IONSCAN trace detectors, program startup, training services and multi-year support...The company has also received orders from Customers and Border Patrol agencies for its IONSCAN and SABRE trace narcotic detectors valued at over $1 million...Shimadzu plans to begin selling its scanning electron microscope, which features integrated, dispersive X-ray detection equipment, this month and have targeted first year sales to be 70 units...InVision Technologies' Quantum Magnetics subsidiary has been awarded an additional $4 million to transition its Defense Advanced Research Program Agency to the US Army and the Office of Naval Research and the United States Marine Corp and to miniaturize its land mine prototype...The company has also received $2.3 million from the FAA and the Technical Services Working Group for R&D in the areas of scanning personnel and developing a low-coast, multi-technology system for scanning baggage...CRS Robotics has installed two DNA purification systems at the Dept. of Energy's Joint Genome Institute Product Sequencing facility...Orbital Sciences has been awarded $13 million in contracts by the British Navy primarily for atmosphere monitoring equipment...Zygo announced that it has received initial orders exceeding $2 million for multiple ZMI 2000 displacement measuring interferometer systems from a lithography tool manufacturer as part of an OEM agreement...Amersham Pharmacia Biotech has received a grant from the National Human Genome Research Institute to develop DNA sequencing technology...IDS Intellectual Detection Systems' Analytical & Security Division has received an over $1.4 million order from the Middle Eastern customer for its NDS-2000 and EVD-3000 hand held portable trace detection devices...
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