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Companies: Sybron International has signed an agreement to sell its Nalge Process Technologies Group to Norton Performance Plastics (see IBO, January 31, 1999). Completion of the transaction is subject to government approvals...Affymetrix entered an EasyAccess Silver agreement with the Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Division of Warner-Lambert Company, giving Parke-Davis preferential access to Affymetrix's standard and custom GeneChip arrays, instrumentation and software...Varian Associates' shareholders approved the planned reorganization of Varian into three independent businesses based on its core operations of health care systems, instruments, and semiconductor equipment. Varian also announced that the US Internal Revenue Service said that the breakup will receive a favorable ruling concerning its tax-free status...Nanogen was awarded a contract by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center San Diego and a grant from the National Institute of Justice in amounts that could exceed $8 million over the next five years. The program's goal is to create an advanced miniaturized lab for biological warfare defense applications.Cahn Instruments appointed Gerbr?der HAAKE, located in Karlsruhe, Germany and another Thermo Optek subsidiary, to market and sell its products in North America and Europe. Cahn's thermal analysis and surface science instruments should complement HAAKE's line of rheological instruments, laboratory extruders, and temperature control units.Mantra Software signed a letter of intent to acquire the TurboTrieve and VP Office product lines from Polaris. Mantra plans to integrate Polaris's Triridian real time data archiving into its SDMS technology platform.

Products: Zygo introduced the ZFM 1000 Laser Auto Focus Module, a stand alone item that can fit with existing microscopes and inspection systems, and integrates precision laser focusing technology with computerized motion control and advanced, flexible software. The direct drive system allows rapid positioning of the object anywhere within the axis of travel...NetGenics introduced the enhanced version of its SYNERGY application framework for drug discovery, which enables transparent, real-time data sharing between research teams at multiple sites, and also allows the user to work with Incyte Pharmaceuticals' sequence data...Finnigan introduced the ELEMENT2, a smaller, more automated successor to the ELEMENT, a high resolution inductively coupled plasma mass

spectrometer...ATC, Inc. introduced the High Pressure Low Flow Intelligent Gas Leak Sensor for measuring leak flow directly at the high pressure supply line...

Technologies: Craig Venter, president of Celera Genomics, has proposed to lead a project to create a bacterial cell from inanimate chemicals for the first time, after the idea is reviewed and approved by the bio-ethics center at the University of Pennsylvania, according to the Financial Times. At first, scientists will try to create the simplest possible cell with the minimum number of genes required to sustain life...
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Date:Feb 28, 1999
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