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Companies: IDS Intelligent Detection Systems has agreed to acquire a majority interest in ChemiCorp International, which will identify and develop new applications for IDS's chemical detection technology for industrial process control and environmental monitoring markets...Micromass Ltd. and Bio-Rad Laboratories formed the "Global Proteomics Alliance," by which they will offer ProteomeWorks, an integrated solution for high throughput protein analysis...ACLARA Biosciences, a company with microfabrication and microfluidics technology for drug discovery, completed a $15 million private equity financing, which will allow ACLARA to move aggressively in areas of technology and product development, business development, and intellectual property...Waters enlisted eight more software firms in its Millenium32 Software Partnership Program. The companies agreed to develop and market applications for Waters' Millenium32 chromatography software...

Products: Virtek Vision International introduced its ChipReader laser confocal system for imaging DNA microarrays, the first microarray imaging system to offer simultaneous reading of up to five different fluorescent dyes, according to the company...PE Biosystems, a division of Perkin-Elmer, introduced the HIV Genotyping System, a complete, automated system for standardized sequence-based genotyping of resistance mutations in HIV that incorporates PCR and automated DNA sequencing technologies. PE Biosystems plans to seek FDA approval for the system to be used as a diagnostic tool...Hewlett-Packard recently introduced four new products: the HP 1100 Series multiwavelength detector for UV-Visible detection in HPLC in the chemical and pharmaceutical markets; the HP 1100 Series refractive index detector designed for routine HPLC analysis of non-UV absorbing substances in the food and polymer markets; the HP 6850A Gas Chromatograph, a more compact, single inlet, single detector GC designed for educators and tight budgets; and an interface box that will allow LAN communication between an HP ChemStation and HP 5890 Series II GC systems (with advantages over other protocols, such as being able to access the GC from remote PCs)...NetGenics introduced the enhanced version of its SYNERGY application framework for drug discovery. Its Distributed SYNERGY feature allows transparent, real-time data sharing between research teams at multiple sites and will also be able to work with Incyte Pharmaceuticals' sequence data...

Sales: Thermo Optek's subsidiary, VG Semicon, received an order from Quantum Epitaxial Designs for one of the company's recently introduced V150 molecular-beam epitaxy systems, valued at approximately $4 million...Veeco Instruments announced that it has received orders from three US data storage companies for more than $12.5 million worth of etch and deposition equipment, predominantly its ion beam deposition and ion beam etching products for high density magnetoresistive and giant magnetoresistive thin film magnetic head applications...
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Publication:Instrument Business Outlook
Date:Mar 15, 1999
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