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Random Kindness, Freezing Weather, Warm Hearts.

When New Jersey was pummeled by winter storm Quinn in early March, many residents were left without power. And while some local companies might have seen the outages as a prime opportunity to garner new business, one man, Andrew Van Jura IV, owner of the family-run Quality Comfort Heating and Cooling business in Somersville, New Jersey, decided he did not want to take advantage of others' hardships to earn money.

"Because of the unfortunate situation [put] on the community, between losing power and going through another storm ... I am providing free labor to repair anyone's gas/propane furnace that breaks as a result of the power outage and surge. I believe in helping my community in need and it's my pleasure," Van Jura shared on a community Facebook group page the day before the winter storm hit.

"I will get your family through it [by] helping with damage control," he added.

There were, of course, some exceptions to the offer. Customers were responsible for the cost of parts, for example. Overall, however, many residents benefited from Van Jura's kindness. He wired furnaces to portable generators, fixed units that were broken by power surges, and extended phone support to customers in need.

Jenni Morenius of Califon, New Jersey, was grateful for Van Jura's generosity. "On his way home from work, he stopped at my house while I was at work and hardwired the generator to my furnace for me," Morenius said. "He also left me some extension cords so I could run my fridge and a small light. After I got my power back, he again came back and helped me take the generator off the furnace and also moved the generator from outside in to the garage for me."

Van Jura also helped Tom McDermott of Bedminster by replacing the ignitor on a furnace at his home. McDermott told that Van Jura was "very professional and very pleasant."

On his way to a service call on March 7, Van Jura even stopped to assist an elderly man who was stranded on the side of the road. "He was stuck in the middle of the road," Van Jura said. "He went up a hill in a little pickup truck that had no four-wheel drive and got stuck. He was putting salt down and trying to get his truck up the road."

"He was cold, tired and panting heavy. He was about to have a heart attack. I offered to use chains and get him up the hill, which I did. He was so grateful."

According to LifeZette, Van Jura is no stranger to good deeds. He is a member of the Somerville Elks Club, where he is actively involved in outreach and good causes. When asked what compelled him to offer his services for free, Van Jura told, "I just wanted to get out and help people. I wanted to donate my time."

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