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Elana K. Arnold's BURNING (9780385743341, $16.99) tells of Ben, just graduated from high school and set to leave his Nevada mining town, and Lala, who lives with her Gypsy family earning money by telling fortunes and who awaits an arranged marriage. The two will find their very different worlds changed upon encounter - and their viewpoints are narrated from alternating points of view as they come to new revelations about life, their journeys, and each other. High school leisure readers will find this a compelling saga. Sarah Zettel's GOLDEN GIRL (9780375869396, $17.99) tells of Callie, who works at a major motion-picture studio in California where she meets stars daily. But her search for her missing mother continues, and she may meet her father - who is a fairy prince - for the first time. Can a half-human with growing magical powers make her way in a human world? A fine fantasy evolves. Elizabeth Ross' BELLE EPOQUE (9780385741460, $17.99) tells of Maude, who runs away to Paris in search of romance and answers an unusual help wanted ad: one that offers 'beauty foils' for hire. As a plain friend she can make her companion look more attractive - but when a countess hires her to compliment a headstrong daughter, trouble begins. The result is a powerful story of friendships and achievements that teens will find unusual and engrossing. Jani Lee Simner's second novel FAERIE AFTER (9780375870699, $16.99) is for any reader of dark fantasy and returns to the setting of the original BONES OF FAERIE, a post-apocalyptic world where war between Faerie and humanity has left both worlds in ruins. Second in the trilogy, this tells of a deteriorating Faerie realm and Liza, who must choose between her life and her friends, or the survival of both worlds. A riveting fantasy for older readers emerges. Mark Goldblatt's TWERP (9780375971426, $16.99) analyzes the mind of the bully in a coming-of-age story about a sixth grader who is convinced he isn't a bully - he's just made a mistake. TWERP is his diary of events that led to disaster - and is a moving account of fear, self-worth, and events that spiral out of control. Laura Golden's EVERY DAY AFTER (9780385743266, $15.99) tells of Lizzie Hawkins, whose father has deserted the family and left them destitute. Lizzie is losing her top grades and her friendships and faces losing what's left of her family as well - but she finds a way to keep hope and her courage may be the only element that will save their family in this moving saga. Rosanne Parry's WRITTEN IN STONE (9780375869716, $16.99) tells of Pearl, who has always dreamed of hunting whales like her father. When he's lost on the last hunt and the whales hide, Pearl's tribe struggles to survive as she finds herself not hunting whales, but hunting stories and preserving their legends. A warm story of survival and change will delight any interested in sagas of tribal fortitude. Stewart Lewis' THE SECRET INGREDIENT (9780385743310, $17.99) is a story of summertime, romance, intrigue, and family relationships and tells of sixteen-year-old Olivia, her British best friend Lola, and family trouble that changes the summer equation in a powerful, fun read for any leisure browser. All are fine choices for any summer reader.

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